Mobilizing Insights in Defence and Security (MINDS)

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MINDS is founded on the idea that policy- and decision-making are strengthened when assumptions are challenged and diverse viewpoints are considered. MINDS provides opportunities for collaboration between the Defence Team and the defence and security expert community through a program that:

  • responds to the needs for relevant and timely advice from defence and security experts;
  • fosters the next generation of experts and scholars; and,
  • contributes to Canadians’ understanding of defence and security issues.
Our Pillars

MINDS offers a variety of unique tools by which the Defence Team can engage with external experts to access high calibre, relevant and timely research and expertise, which incorporates a diversity of viewpoints and provides well-rounded advice. Those tools include:

  • bespoke, one-time engagements through the Expert Briefing Series;
  • ongoing collaboration and engagement through Collaborative Networks;
  • distinct research projects and conferences through Targeted Engagement Grants;
  • support for young and emerging scholars through academic Scholarships;
  • an ability to address new and evolving priorities through the Rapid Response Mechanism.

The program is committed to reflecting key Government of Canada priorities in the work it delivers, including by ensuring the incorporation of Gender Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) across its various pillars, and supporting Indigenous reconciliation and youth engagement through MINDS Scholarships.

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