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The Targeted Engagement Grant program aims to drive innovation in defence policy thinking and to foster the next generation of defence and security experts. We are proud to support the exchange of ideas and a diversity of researchers in the domain of security and defence. New forward thinking research and activities are extremely valuable for National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces in the development of evidence-based policy.

Targeted Engagement Grant Program

The Targeted Engagement Grant Program provides non-recurring financial support, up to a maximum of $50,000 to fund projects such as conferences, roundtables, workshops, research, and publications. There are two competitions every year, generally in the Spring and Fall.

Requests for funding are assessed primarily on relevance to DND/CAF defence policy challenges, the use of Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+), as well as innovation and the creative use technology.

Young MINDS Initiative

As part of its efforts to foster the next generation of defence and security scholars, MINDS supports undergraduate and master’s students interested in defence and security through the Young MINDS Initiative.

These grants are valued at $10,000 and must be linked to the MINDS policy challenges.

Interested candidates must be enrolled in an undergraduate or master’s program at an accredited university, and  pursuing a degree in political science, history, international relations, public policy, economics, or be able to demonstrate that their field of study is relevant to defence and security studies. Applicants should be sponsored by a professional academic or recognized expert in the field.

To apply
  1. Complete the Targeted Engagement Grant Application Form or Young Minds Targeted Engagement Grants Application Form.
    1. Please refer to the Targeted Engagement Grant Application Guide as you complete your application form
  2. Submit the completed application electronically to
  3. Applications must be relevant and align with the MINDS defence policy challenges.
  4. Applicants must demonstrate how the project includes diverse perspectives through the use of Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+), as well as innovation and the creative use of technology.
  5. A proposed budget, a breakdown of spending by category, and a list of additional funding sources, must also be included in the application. The Department of National Defence should not be the only source of funding for a grant proposal.

Please note: If, as part of your project, you intend to conduct social science research with DND civilian employees, currently serving CAF members, families of serving CAF members, applicants for enrolment in the CAF, or members of Canadian Cadet organizations you are required to have DND/CAF Social Science Research Review Board (SSRRB) approval. If you intend to conduct such research, please contact the SSRRB at to learn more the review process and to obtain instructions and the SSRRB submission form.

Applicants will be scored and grants will be awarded on a top-down basis.

If you wish to discuss the eligibility of your proposal prior to submitting it for evaluation, please contact the MINDS Program Manager by email at

Please visit Funding results page for previous rounds.

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