Services at the CF Health Services Centre Ottawa on the Montfort Campus

The clinic occupies four floors at the Montfort Campus, levels 3 to 6. You will find the following services/offices on these various floors.

Dress code

Please note that military personnel dress code applies at all times within the clinic, and that your military ID badge is to be worn at all times. For further information, please see the Canadian Forces Health Services Dress Policy.

No show/missed appointments - Medavie Blue Cross

Effective immediately, the benefit code for missed medical and dental appointments has been terminated from the respective four Programs of Choice. Missed appointments will no longer be covered for CAF members under the Federal Health Claims Processing Service. Should the civilian health providers choose to bill for a ‘no show’ or missed appointment, they will be directed by Medavie Blue Cross to bill the member directly. Clinics should inform local chain of commands and their patients of their personal responsibility to attend their appointments and of the possible personal consequences of outside health care provider missed appointments.

Allergy-Immunization Clinic
Case management

Case Management

The case management program is designed to assist CAF members and their families with their medical needs and to facilitate their transition to civilian health care after release, if required. The CAF has recognized the importance of quick and efficient health care for our members. Both regular and primary reserve force personnel who are being medically released or have been placed on a permanent or temporary medical category are eligible to utilize the services of the case management program via referral from treating clinician. The case manager is a civilian nurse trained to help members navigate the military and civilian health care systems and their benefits.

The case management program is not designed to replace the current military health care services, but to support members in accessing the various existing resources.


Hours of operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 0730-1530 hrs.

Contact numbers:

Dental services

Dental services

The Montfort Dental Clinic is a satellite clinic of the NDHQ Dental Clinic.

Each UIC has been assigned to one of the two main dental clinics. The dental charts of the personnel of each UIC will be held in their assigned dental clinic. Military personnel are to attend their designated clinics for dental care.

Along with regular dental treatment the Montfort dental clinic provides oral surgery, periodontal, and prosthodontic specialist treatment by referral.

Due to individual dental requirements please confirm and follow pre-operative instructions prior to specialist appointments.

Contact Information:

  • Reception Phone #: 613-945-1777
  • Clinic Coordinator Phone #: 613-992-1846
  • Detachment Commander Phone #: 613-992-1431


Montfort Dental Clinic
713 Montreal Road
6th floor, wing D, room 139
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K2


Hours of Operation:

Regular clinic hours are from 0715 - 1530 hrs Monday to Friday.

Sick Parade:

  • Emergency dental care is provided at 0730 hrs Monday to Friday. IMPORTANT: Service is provided on a first come, first served basis. To ensure you are seen in a timely manner please report as early as possible since regular appointments begin at 0900 hrs.
  • Patients requiring urgent care will be given priority.

After Hours Emergency Procedure:

  • All CAF Dental Detachments provide 24 hour/7 days a week service. When in the Ottawa area and outside of regular working hours dental service can be obtained by contacting the commissionaire's desk.
  • Treatment provided by a civilian practitioner outside the above guidelines is subject to the conditions outlined in CFAO 35-3.

Enrolment Procedure:

  • Dental enrolment and re-enrolment exams are mandatory for Regular Force members and are available by appointment at their respective dental clinic.
  • If you are a member of the reserve force and require an enrolment exam (for members on Class B (over 180 days) or Class C service, or active aircrew), or on other occasions as required, contact the dental clinic to schedule an appointment (613-992-0619).

Release Procedure:

  • Release exams are no longer mandatory. However, for members desiring a release exam, an appointment can be scheduled during normal clinic hours.
  • IMPORTANT: Release does not provide any priority for completion of outstanding treatment. There is no required condition of dental fitness upon release. Unfinished work will not be completed beyond a member's effective date of release.

Screening Procedure:

  • Screening exams for military members are provided Monday to Friday during normal clinic hours and require scheduled appointments.
  • Screening exams for dependants and other civilians are not provided by the CAF Dental Detachment. Such screenings must be performed in accordance with CFAO 35-5.

Annual (Phase-1) Exam Procedure:

  • All CAF members are reminded that it is ultimately the member's responsibility to ensure they obtain a Phase One exam.
  • Commanders and superiors are reminded they have a responsibility to ensure their personnel are deployable and dentally fit.
  • All regular force members, reserve class "C", and reserve class "B">180 days can receive a Phase One exam in accordance with QR&O 35.04.
Ear / Nose / Throat (ENT)

Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT)

The CF H Svcs C (O) provides otolaryngology consultation services by appointments only. Two civilian otolaryngologist are on staff. All new appointments must first be referred by a physician.

Technical services are also offered for audiometric testing, hearing aids assessment, which both requires a consultation from the medical officer and a booked appointment. Other examinations, such as hearing aid adjustments, cerumen management (wax in ears) is done by appointment but a consultation from your medical officer is not required. Pick up of hearing aid batteries and other related cleaning equipment does not require an appointment.

For inquiries or to confirm an appointment please call the number below.


Hours of operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 0730 - 1530hrs

Contact information:

  • Patient registration : Room 5D134
  • Reception : (613) 945-1549
Laboratory services

Laboratory services

Fasting requirements for blood draw

  • Part 1 medical (over 40, etc.)
    • Nothing to eat or drink 12-14hrs (not to exceed 16hrs) prior to your appointment.
    • You may drink water and take your medications.
    • Abstain from alcohol for 48hrs prior to appointment.
  • Fasting glucose (Blood sugar level), Lactose test and Gestational 2 hour OGTT
    • Nothing to eat or drink 12-14hrs (not to exceed 16 hrs) prior to your appointment.
    • You may drink water and take your medications.

Notes: In order to provide your physician with meaningful results, your blood sample will not be drawn if the above requirements are not met. NO EXCEPTIONS. Clients requiring Fasting glucose should not fast longer than the 12-14hrs required. Longer periods of fasting will result in inaccurate levels.


Lactose tolerance test

You must book an appointment for this test. Please phone the Lab for special instruction and appointment time.

Other lab requests

It is recommended to check with the laboratory personnel when you receive a requisition from your health provider. This will allow us to arrange the most appropriate time for your blood draw and ensure that you receive any special instructions associated with the tests requested. Post vasectomy semen analysis, no appointment necessary.

Request for lab results

Lab results are reported directly to your physician only. They, in return, will notify you of any abnormalities.


  • Hours of operation:
    • Monday to Friday from 0730 to 1230 hrs and from 1330 to 1500hrs. After 1500hrs only requests identified URGENT and ASAP will be accepted.
  • Contact numbers:
    • Reception (613) 945-1172
Medical finances

Medical finances

The medical finances section, located at Montfort clinic (6th floor) can assist you in obtaining reimbursement for your medical expenses.

  • Hours of operation:
    • Monday to Friday 0730-1500hrs.
  • Contact numbers: (613) 945-1833
Medical records

Medical records

The medical records section can assist you in obtaining copies of your medical documents. You can use one of the following procedure:

  1. Reporting to the medical records section, room 4D111 and completing the release request form *; or
  2. Through the Privacy Act by completing the request form which can be found on the Access to Information web site. *

* Both are available on the DND internal network.


No appointment is necessary, but a quick phone call to our medical records dept. would be greatly appreciated. To expedite the process we require some information; please be ready to answer the following questions:

  • Are all medical appointments completed? It takes at least one week following a part two to get all reports filed on your chart;
  • What operation are you going on?; and
  • How long is the intended deployment (departure and arrival)?


Point of contact

  • Head of medical records department:
    • Telephone: (613) 945-1285
    • Fax: (613) 945-1324
  • 3rd Party Release of Information Clerk:
    • Telephone: (613) 945-1193
  • Medical records reception:
    • Telephone: (613) 945-1307
    • Telephone: (613) 945-1311
  • Reservists medical records clerk:
    • Telephone: (613) 945-1220
  • Transcriptionists:
    • Telephone: (613) 945-1738
    • Telephone: (613) 945-1709
Mental health

After hours mental health care

For mental health emergency care after hours:

  • The Canadian Forces Member Assistance Program: 1-800-268-7708
  • The Mental Health Crisis Line (24/7): 1-966-996-0991. (Website:
  • The Family Information Line: 1-800-866-4546
  • The Distress Centre of Ottawa: 613-238-3311
  • The NCR Duty Padre: (613) 998-3246
  • Please visit the local emergency services at the local hospital and follow up with your CDU the next day.
  • 911 - Emergency

Mental health

Canadian Forces Health Services Centre Ottawa offers a robust Mental Health Department comprised of three different programs: The Psychosocial Services Program (PSS), The General Mental Health Program (GMH) and The Operational Trauma and Stress Support Centre (OTSSC).

Hours of Operation: 0730 to 1500 hrs Monday to Friday.
Psychosocial Intake Services Hours (Virtual health care only): 0730 to 1200 hours
Mental Health Reception: (613) 945-1060

Psychosocial Services-:

Psychosocial Services are available at CF Health Services Centre Ottawa to help CAF members deal with issues such as family-related concerns, compassionate posting issues and addictions. Social Workers, Mental Health Nurses and Addiction Counsellors staff the Psychosocial Services Program. CAF members may self-refer or be referred by primary care clinicians or others such as supervisors, padres or colleagues.

The following services are available through the Psychosocial Services Program through virtual care. In-person appointments may be available, but an initial phone screening must occur first:

  • Psychosocial Intake Services: Bilingual MH intake services are available by phone from 0730 to 1200 hrs Monday to Friday. Please call MH reception at 613-945-1060 and you will receive a call from a clinician the same business day. If you require urgent in-person clinical care, please visit the Day Treatment Unit (DTU) before 1200 hrs or visit your nearest ER.
  • Short term counselling Services: Short term individual and couples counselling services are available to address psychosocial related issues. Members can self-refer through MH intake or be referred by their primary care provider.
  • Addictions Consultation: Initial screening, education and consultation around alcohol, other drugs or gambling addictions.
  • Pre-deployment screenings: Prior to deployment it is mandatory that all CAF members undergo a pre-deployment screening. The service member and spouse will be interviewed.  To book an appointment:
  • Post-deployment screenings: Every CAF member should receive an enhanced post deployment screening 3-4 months after returning from theatre of operations, which involves completing a post-deployment screening questionnaire and interview. Members who deployed on short term taskings (59 days or less) do not require an interview.  To book an appointment:
  • OUTCAN Screenings: As part of the screening process for postings outside of Canada, psychosocial screenings are completed by social workers with the whole family unit. Appointments for members located in the NCR are booked through the PHA Cell:
  • Social Work Reports: Psychosocial assessments are completed by Social Workers to provide Commanding Officers (COs) with professional assessments of the exceptional personal circumstances of CAF members and their families in order to assist in making decisions and recommendations related to those circumstances. Common requests that warrant a social work report include Contingency Cost Moves, Compassionate Status or Postings and Early Release for Compassionate Reason. Social Work Report Assessments must be requested by a member’s CO to Capt Salnikov:
  • Family Violence Advisory Team (FVAT): The role of the FVAT is to be a focal point for coordinating education and interventions in the matter of family violence. This includes providing professional development training to units and Commanding Officers, as well as providing assistance to Commanding Officers and CAF members dealing with family violence.

Operational Trauma and Stress Support Centre (OTSSC):

The OTSSC program offers clinical assessment and treatment for various psychological, psychiatric, and substance-related issues that may or may not be linked to military taskings and operational deployments. This team of Social Workers, MH Nurses, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Clinical Chaplain provides specialized treatment for traumatic stress injuries.

General Mental Health Services (GMH):

The GMH program offers assessment and treatment for all other psychological, psychiatric, and substance-related issues.

  • The GMH Program is an interdisciplinary team consisting of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Addictions Counsellors, and MH Nurses.
  • Referrals to the OTSSC and GMH must come from a Primary Care clinician (PA, NP, MD). Self-referral will not be accepted.
  • Referrals for diagnostic assessments are assigned to appropriate teams and patients are accordingly scheduled for an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist. A diagnostic impression and treatment recommendations are provided to the patient and the referring Primary Care clinician.
  • Diagnostic assessments are being conducted primarily by virtual platforms (eg. telephone/televideo), due to the current COVID-19 posture. A need for any in-person assessments will be determined by the assessing clinician.
  • Referrals for External Provision of Care (e.g. psychotherapy) are also received and processed from Primary Care and Mental Health services.
  • Community providers are also using virtual platforms which may vary from provider to provider and may involve video and/or telephone sessions for their individual, couple or group therapy.

** At this time Group Therapies have been suspended until further notice.-

Frequently asked questions on care by an external provider

1. I have been referred to an “external provider” for my treatment, what does that mean?

After an initial assessment, your clinician has determined that ongoing treatment to address your mental health needs is warranted, however this service is not available within our clinic at this time.  Therefore, we have a number of external treatment providers available in the community to meet these needs.

2. Who are these external providers and are they qualified to treat me?

The external providers we use in the community are either social workers or psychologists who are registered with their respective provincial colleges. This means they are regulated and approved to practice in Ontario and/or Quebec. They meet the same levels of qualification that internal CAF clinicians meet.

3. Do I have to pay for these external services?

No, the external provider will bill the Blue Cross system and the military will cover the cost of your treatment. However, as a CAF member you are responsible:

  • To ensure that all scheduled appointments are attended or rescheduled;
  • In some cases, to pay for any missed appointments without having given appropriate notice, usually 24 hrs (this is your personal financial responsibility);
  • To sign the claim forms to confirm services have been rendered and to authorize the release of health information back to the CAF; and
  • To show the provider a CAF Health Card, along with a photo ID.

4. What about parking and transportation to these services?

Transportation to these appointments and any fees related to parking are the responsibility of the patient. While some CAF Units may be able to cover the costs of parking for their members, CF Health Services (O) or Blue Cross are unable to reimburse these costs. If you believe that this will be a barrier to your treatment, please discuss this with the referring clinician so that you can be referred to an internal clinician.

5. If I know of a therapist in the community can I request to see him/her?

If the external provider is on the list of approved providers we will do our best to refer to this individual. While it may be possible to add a new provider to our list, they must undergo a verification process first, which may delay your treatment. If you do decide to seek services from a provider without a referral and they are not on our approved list of external providers, the services will not be covered through Blue Cross.

6. Does the mental health staff at the CF Health Services Centre keep track of my progress in treatment?

Yes, a clinician who coordinates external care will review the documentation, called a “Progress Report” completed by the external provider. After approximately 7 sessions, you will be contacted by the coordinator and asked to return to the CF Health Services Centre for a brief appointment called a “mental health progress check”.

7. What is a “progress check”?

This mandatory appointment is to ensure that you are satisfied with your care, your treatment needs are being met and you are progressing in therapy.

8. How often do I have to have a progress check?

After your initial progress check, you will be contacted by the External Care Coordinator approximately every ten sessions to have another progress check. Often people do not require more than 10 sessions in which case you would not be contacted for an appointment.

9. If I am unhappy with my external provider is there a process for changing my therapist?

Yes, should the external provider not be meeting your treatment needs you may either contact the clinician who made the referral for treatment or the External Care Coordinator to discuss the situation.

10. Are the sessions with the external provider confidential?

Yes. Confidentiality is considered essential for treatment. Information that you provide during therapy will not be released to anyone outside the medical system without your consent.  However, your external provider is considered part of the CAF “Circle of Care” and will provide the medical staff at CF Health Services Centre with regular progress reports of your treatment. These reports are filed in your medical chart (the CF Health Information System - CFHIS). Your Commanding Officer does not have the right to access your specific medical information.

PLEASE NOTE: There are legal, ethical and professional exceptions to confidentiality, which require that providers take responsible action.  Your service provider, prior to delivery of service, will discuss these exceptions with you.

11. I am about to be released from the military. Can I continue with my external provider?

If you wish to continue to see the external provider after releasing from the military you will be responsible for payment. If your release is due to medical reasons and you have been pensioned by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, you may be eligible to have the sessions covered through this organization.  Please contact your VAC Pension Officer or your CAF Case Manager prior to your release to discuss this option.

If you require additional information, please call (613) 945-1060.



For all vision care inquiries, such as, eye exams, eyeglasses entitlement, ballistics and safety glasses, please contact the Specialty Clinic at CF Health Service Centre (Ottawa):

  • By telephone: (613) 945-1550, (613) 945-1551 or (613) 945-1549

  • By fax: (613) 945-1555
  • By e-mail at: +Spec NCR@CMP CF HSVCS C Ottawa@Ottawa-Hull

Once we receive your request, we forward a questionnaire for you to complete and return. This questionnaire will provide information, in order to efficiently and effectively fulfill your request. The process may take between 24 to 72 hours. In cases of emergencies, please consult the Specialty Clinic reception desk located on the 5th floor of CF Health Services Centre (Ottawa). Please be advised that, although urgent, your request may not be actioned at the immediate moment as some cases will require approval from a higher level of the Chain of Command.


Outside referrals

Outside referrals

If you have a medical outside referral given to you, please drop it off to the outside referrals office on the 4th floor of the CF H SVCS C (O), counter 4D210. Your referral will be entered into our database and then sent to Medical Finance for approval. Once approved, the referral will be faxed or mailed to the clinic. You will be notified to go ahead and book your appointment or the clinic will contact you for an appointment. If you have any questions, please contact the outside referrals clerk at (613) 945-1496 or by email:

Periodic health assessment (PHA)

Periodic health assessment (PHA)

Step 1: Book appointment

  • In person: directly at CF H Svcs C (O) PHA cell on the 4th floor
  • By telephone: (613) 945-1497 and (613) 945-1498
  • By fax: (613) 945-1500
  • By emailing the CDU Periodic Health Assessment (

PHA Email information (copy and paste the following information in your email)

For Periodic Health Assessment (PHA) bookings:

  • CDU number:
  • Complete Service Number:
  • Home Unit and UIC:
  • MOSID:
  • Next of kin's information:
  • Home address:
  • Home phone number:
  • Civilian email:
  • Work phone number:
  • Regular or Reserve Force (Class A or B +/- 180 days, provide your contract)
  • Dates I will be UNAVAILABLE:

The validity of PHA is as follows:

  • Aircrew / Diver / Submariner : Valid 1 year
  • 40 and under : Valid 5 years
  • 40 + year old : Valid 2 years.

Step 2: Prepare your forms

This is to prepare you for your Part 1 Medical appointment at the CF H Svcs C Ottawa Montfort Clinic.  You are required to complete the following prior to booking your Part 1 Medical Examination:

  • DND 2552 Generic Health Assessment
  • CF HSS Hearing Assessment
  • DND 2452 Aircrew and Diver Health Examination*

* Only for Aircrew and Diver Health Examination

Please contact us via e-mail if you have any questions.

Step 3: What you need to know for your part 1 Medical

The table below contains age categories for each type of Medical Exam Required for members (see our Intranet page for specific documentation).

Type of Medical Regular (general) PHA Aircrew Type 1 (full) Aircrew Type 2 (short) Diver Type 1 (full) Diver Type 2 (short) United Nations Military Observer
Age (years) <30 18-39 18-39 18-39 18-39 <30
Age (years) 30-34 40-59 40-59 40-59 40-59 30-34
Age (years) 35-49 Initial Aircrew (Any age)   Initial Diver(Any age)   35-49
Age (years) 50+         50+

Step 4: What you need to know for your part 2 Medical

In most cases, your Part 2 medical will be booked within 4 weeks of your Part 1 being completed. All components of the Part 1 medical (including the forms you completed) will be reviewed at that visit. In addition, your primary care provider may discuss with your specific recommendations cancer screening during your Part 2 Medical (these may include, but are not limited to):

  • Cervical cancer screening (PAP test);
  • Breast cancer screening (mammogram); and*
  • Colorectal cancer screening (various methods)*

*50 years and +

General information

Important steps before presenting for your appointment.

Prior to the appointment:

  • If you will be undergoing blood work, you must abstain from alcohol consumption for 48 hours prior to your appointment.
  • You are encouraged drinking water up until the time of your Part I appointment.
  • You may take your prescribed medication as usual.
  • Bring your immunization booklet.
  • All Part 1 medicals include a medication review: Bring all prescription and over-the-counter medications that you take regularly (including any pills/tablets, creams/ointments, sprays, inhalers, patches, eye/ear products, vitamins, supplements, herbals, etc.).
  • No contact lenses to be worn for 12 hours prior to your Part 1 Medical.
  • Bring your eyeglasses (if applicable).

Day of appointment:

  • Report to 713 Montreal Road, Wing D, Main Reception 3rd floor.
  • Please note that this appointment can take 1-2hrs.
  • The appointment will include:
    • An audiogram;
    • Height, weight and vision assessment;
    • Medical consolidation/review; and
    • Review of your vaccination status

Pharmacy refill procedure

Contact us via email, telephone or in person at least two full business days in advance of requiring your medication.

For general inquires, email is preferred method of contact.

  • In person: directly at the  CF H Svcs C (O) reception desk pharmacy
  • Refill Line: (613) 945-1000
  • Fax: (613) 945-1069
  • E-mail:

For patient specific medical equipment, i.e. CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure), walkers, etc., contact medical stores: (613) 945-1332.

E-mail format:

  • Complete Service Number:
  • First and Last name:
  • Telephone number(s):
  • For each medication: Rx number and name of the medication
  • Anticipated pick up time. Please speak directly to a pharmacy staff member if you require your medication in less than two business days
  • Any additional information: reason for filling prescription early (TD or leave) or if there is a requirement for a larger days supply (deployment, etc.)
  • Name of the person picking up the medication on your behalf (if applicable)



Starting Monday, 2 November, 2020 due to staffing shortages, the pharmacy is faced with a reduction in services and an increase in wait times. As coordinated by your primary clinician, new prescriptions may be transitioned temporarily to a community pharmacy.

For prescription renewals: please expect delays and allow 7-10 days for the refill process to be completed after requesting it through the pharmacy’s email vice trying to contact us by phone. If being sent from a DWAN email address, you may choose to protect your information by encrypting its contents.

Pharmacy hours are Monday to Friday from 0730 to 1230 hrs and from 1330 to 1500 hrs. The pharmacy is closed on weekends and statutory holidays.

Contact numbers are as follows:

  • Prescription refills: (613) 945-1000 at least 48 hrs prior to the pick-up; and
  • Pharmacy Warehouse: (613) 945-1332 (First aid kit replenishment).


  • During normal working hours, all military members must call or email the CF H Svcs C (O) pharmacy to have a prescription filled, whether for medication or for other medical devices. Members referred by their CF H Svcs C (O) physician to a civilian specialist outside the CF H Svcs C (O) must also have their prescriptions filled with the CF H Svcs C (O) pharmacy. Only those persons who are discharged from a civilian hospital are authorized to have their prescriptions filled at that facility during normal working hours;
  • If you are unable to enter the clinic due to medical (ex: you are immunocompromised) or logistical (ex: you have children with you) reasons and need to pick up your prescription, please call pharmacy ahead of time to set up a pre-arranged curbside pick-up. Do not call from the clinic lobby to have pharmacy staff bring down medications on short notice. This both increases risk of error and risk of unnecessary exposure.
  • For Self-isolating members, we will deliver medications to your home, please call or email us.
  • Avoid visiting civilian pharmacies if at all possible.Why?  
    • Civilian pharmacies are experiencing issues with drug supply (issues that have been largely fixed in the CAF). Therefore CAF members may not be able to get the medications they require (or quantities they require) when going to a civilians pharmacy.
    • We are doing our best not the become a burden on the civilian healthcare system. CAF has its own drug supply and its own pharmacies and therefore there is no need to utilize already strained civilian infrastructure.
  • If it is not possible to order your medications at CF H Svcs C O):
    • Members shall use their Blue Cross health card when it is necessary during after-hour emergencies to have a prescription filled at a civilian pharmacy;
    • Not only does the use of the card avoid the requirement to present the prescription receipt to the CF H Svcs C Ottawa for reimbursement, it ensures the prescribed items are covered by the CFHS Spectrum of Care. If a medication is not authorized under the Spectrum of Care, the civilian pharmacist will be notified immediately by the Blue Cross system that the item is not an eligible benefit. Should a patient choose to pay cash for these unauthorized medications, reimbursement by the CF H Svcs C Ottawa will only occur in exceptional circumstances after the patient has fully substantiated the reason for pursuing the unauthorized medications and then only upon approval from both the Director of Pharmacy Services and the CF Drug Exception Centre;
    • If a civilian pharmacy is unfamiliar with the Blue Cross card, they should be requested to call the Provider Information line (1-888-261-4033) listed on the back of the card for assistance in processing the claim. CAF members with questions about after-hours care may call 1-877-MED-DENT (1-877-633-3368) for assistance, 24/7;
    • Medications purchased without a physician's prescription (i.e., over-the-counter products such as Tylenol and various cold remedies) will not be reimbursed.

Important points:

  • When sending an email be sure that you have received an automatic reply, if you do not, we have not received your email.
  • If someone is picking up your prescription on your behalf you must notify the pharmacy of the name of the person who is picking up your medication. For confidentiality reasons we cannot release your prescription to anyone other than you, unless you have given us permission to do so.
  • If you have no refills remaining, please make an appointment with your prescriber.
  • If you will run out of medication before your booked appointment the pharmacy staff can attempt to contact your care provider to request a refill. Please be advised that the refill will be authorized at the professional discretion of the care provider and is not guaranteed. Due to collaboration with other health care providers, we may not be able to meet the two working day turnaround if we have to contact your care provider to request a refill.
  • In certain scenarios, at the professional discretion of the pharmacist, we may be able to provide you with a pharmacist’s prescription renewal, if you have run out of refills for a long standing chronic medication. Obtaining a refill in this manner is not guaranteed and should not take the place of ongoing medical care. Renewal by a pharmacist cannot be done for Controlled and Targeted substances.


The mission of physiotherapy in the Canadian Armed Forces is to deliver quality services by assessing, educating and treating people with musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory impairments, functional limitations and disabilities. To accomplish this, we employ a variety of treatments including; therapeutic exercises, postural and ergonomic training, joint mobilization and manipulation, soft tissue techniques, acupuncture, electrical modalities and hydrotherapy.

Your physician will assign a priority level to your referral for physiotherapy to ensure that you obtain treatment within an appropriate timeframe. CAF members can also directly access physiotherapy services without a physician‘s referral by phoning (613) 945-1585.


Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy are slowly but surely opening our doors to providing in-person care. Like many other services, this is not a “return to normal” but a cautious resumption of our services. Our professional colleges, as well as CFHS, recommend to only access Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy services when absolutely needed and to favour telehealth over in-person care when possible. Although we take all the recommended public health measures to minimize the risk of spreading COVID-19, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy are health professions where physical distancing is not always possible. To protect you and your family, we ask you therefore to carefully weigh your need of our care against the potential risk of contracting COVID-19. This means, if you have some pain or discomfort or a condition that does not limit you in your daily activities and you can manage reasonably well without our services, we recommend that you continue to do so. If however, your pain has been increasing/your condition has been worsening and it limits you in your daily activities, you may need our services.

Your cooperation is requested with the following:

  1. New Patients: Your primary care provider will assess your need for our service and generate a referral if necessary. We are also providing services on sick parade 0800-1000 hrs Monday to Friday at the Montfort site, but this should be for members with significant pain and/or loss of function as described above.
  2. Cancelled Initial Assessments and Follow-up Visits: If your appointment for an initial assessment or follow-up visit with us was cancelled due to the pandemic, we will contact you in the near future to determine your current need for our services.
  3. Hand Hygiene. We will ask you to wash your hands when entering and leaving the clinic.
  4. Appointment time. Do not arrive early as we need to keep the number of patients in the wait area to a minimum. It is important that you respect your scheduled appointments. Your physiotherapist is unable to accommodate late arrivals. Missed appointments deprive another CAF member of an appointment and increases waiting times for all. Contact the physiotherapy section (613) 945-1585 one day in advance to reschedule appointments and to allow time to book another client;
  5. Cancellations. Do not miss your appointment and, if possible, do not cancel your appointment at the last minute. This is even more important now as our ability to provide service is significantly limited. Your physiotherapy file will be closed after two "No Show" appointments or if you have not contacted us for more than one month to book a follow up appointment;
  6. If you have more than one physical ailment, your physiotherapist will determine if they are related and can be effectively treated concurrently. If not, they will be treated in order of severity; and
  7. To benefit fully from your treatment, we request that you actively participate in your treatments by following the advice of your physiotherapist and doing your home exercise program.

Additional Information for in-person appointments during COVID-19

  1. COVID-19 Screening
    1. Montfort site: you will be screened at the Montfort clinic front entrance by a member of the health care team. Your physiotherapist will also screen you in our dept. just prior to commencing your appointment;
    2. Carling Campus site: one of our staff members will call you approximately 1h or less before each in-person appointment to screen you for COVID-19. If you have a 0730 appointment, we will screen you on arrival;
  2. Dress. Change into fresh PT gear for each visit. After your visit, place your PT gear in a plastic bag and wash it after each use;
  3. Mask. Wearing a face covering/mask is mandatory. If possible, wear your own face covering/mask. Using your own face covering/mask will ensure the most economic use of our PPE and allow us to maintain patient services;

Please know that we do our best to keep everyone safe while providing care to those who need it most. Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns – we are happy to assist, it may just take a little longer than usual.



Canadian Forces Health Services Centre Ottawa
713 Montreal Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0K6

Physiotherapy Department: (613) 945-1585
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 0730-1530hrs

Ottawa (West)

NDHQ Carling Physiotherapy Clinic
Building 6 - 6N.1.F0.03
3500 Carling Ave
Ottawa, Ontario K2H 8E9

Physiotherapy Department: (613) 901-6528
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 0730-1530hrs

Office Ergonomics Assessment

Office Ergonomics Assessment


  • On our Intranet page, you can find the Office Ergonomics guidelines for workplace Ergonomics.


  • Good posture versus poor posture
  • Chairs
  • Your work surface
  • Input devices
  • Your monitor
  • Laptops
  • Other accessories
  • Office Ergonomics checklist
  • Form to require ergonomic products + Member actions
  • Discomfort survey

For information about ergonomic equipment requests for non-medical/preventative reasons, please see the General Safety Program - Policy and Program, Volume 1 from the DND Intranet.

Preventive medicine

Preventive medicine

Preventive Medicine (PMed) provides advice on all matters relating to public health, hygiene and sanitation, immunizations and occupational health and safety. These services include hygiene inspections, testing of air quality, environmental surveys, and providing information on immunization requirements for selected postings, as well as for any type of travel or deployment outside Canada.

PMed provides briefings for pre/post deployment or recreational travel. This briefing includes immunization recommendations, food and water discipline, personal hygiene, Malaria and other disease information, insect discipline/prevention, environmental and recreational hazards and post deployment medical information.

All Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety concerns in the workplace, please contact your Unit General Safety Officer (UGSO). If the UGSO requires support from PMed then the UGSO should email PMed.

Personal or Operational Travel Health Briefing or Permethrin uniform treatment please make an appointment with PMed. Please include your service number, your destination/itinerary, your date of departure and your date of return. Remember to make an appointment with Immunization section at (613) 945-1111 prior to your appointment with PMed.

May to October the PMed Office monitor the Heat Stress Index with a Wet Bulb Global Thermometer located at Connaught Range.

For PMed services, call the numbers listed below, or send an email to

Note: Please visit the Immunization clinic with your immunization booklet before coming to the PMed department to ensure you are up to date.


Hours of operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 0730 - 1530hrs. PMed department may close over the lunch hour depending on personnel availability.
  • PMed accepts walk-ins for deployment or personal travel briefings, however, it is recommended that you call before coming to ensure the availability of a PMed Tech.

Contact Numbers:

  • PMed receptionist: (613) 945-1604
  • PMed IC: (613) 945-1650
  • PMed 2IC: (613) 945-1625
  • PMed Tech: (613) 945-1624
  • PMed Tech: (613) 945-1617
Personal travel brief

Be advised that a personal travel brief is not required for travel with a tour operator. (e.g. Mexico, Domican Republic, Cuba). If you are traveling in a known high risk area (e.g. conducting humanitarian aid in third world counties or your personal travel will involve extended stay outdoor) please make an appointment with PMed.  Include your service number, your destination/itinerary, your date of departure and your date of return.

Operational travel health brief and Permethrin uniforms treatment

Please read the core recommendations travel brief and the mission specific travel brief.

Make an appointment with Immunization in order to verify if your vaccination status will be current for your deployment/destination at (613) 945-1181.

If you require Malaria Chemoprophylaxis (medication) make an appointment with your CDU at:

  • CDU 1: (613) 945-1471
  • CDU 2: (613) 945-1468
  • CDU 3: (613) 945-1442
  • CDU 4: (613) 945-1340
  • CDU 5: (613) 945-1367

If you require Permethrin uniform treatment make an appointment with PMed. Include your service number, your destination/itinerary, your date of departure and your date of return.

Permethrin uniform treatment drop off and pick up will be on Tuesday and on Thursday. Be advised that we require 48 hours for Permethrin treatment. No Permethrin treatment will be done on Friday.

Primary Care - Care Delivery Units

Primary Care - Care Delivery Units

Hours: By appointment, Mon-Fri
Reception/CDU: (613) 945-1111


Although most appointments are conducted via telehealth, there are instances where we may ask you to present in person for a specific service.  Unless otherwise instructed by your clinician, follow-ups will be conducted via telehealth.  Please contact your CDU to confirm your appointment and contact information. Please do not email your clinician.

  • Booking a new appointment:
    • Follow up: Please contact your CDU to book a telehealth follow-up appointment. Should it be deemed that you need to be seen in person, you will be provided with specific direction by your healthcare provider;
    • Acute or Urgent Issues:  Please refer to the sick-parade/walk-in services
    • Sick Chit/MELs: For members whose sick chit/MELs are expiring, please call your CDU for an appointment.
    • Prescription Renewals:  Please contact pharmacy for further information.
  • Medicals (PHAs).  All essential/urgent medicals will be conducted as defined below:
    • Medicals needed for operational reasons
    • OUTCAN medicals and assessments
    • UNMO medicals
    • Aircrew medicals only for those who are in active flying positions
    • Release medicals
    • Routine medicals needed for contract renewal/employment/component transfers

Not sure if your medical is urgent? We ask that you please contact the PHA Cell by phone or email ( and your CDU to connect with a staff member to determine if your medical needs to be completed.

* Given the nature of telephone appointments, there are limitations in terms of information security, privacy and the potential for breach of patient confidentiality, and also due to lack of in-person contact and physical exam. To proceed on the telephone, you will need to give consent given the above limitations. Further explanation of these limitations will be given prior to our telephone appointment.

Our Services

The CDU is an interdisciplinary team of military and civilian health care providers who work collaboratively to meet the health needs of its CAF members and units, ensuring seamless continuity of care over time. Below are a few elements that constitute the CDU.

  1. Rostering. All CAF personnel are rostered to a Care Delivery Unit (CDU) where a multidisciplinary clinical team provides care in a collaborative manner to our patients. Patients from certain units or groups are rostered together in the same CDU to allow specialized mission-focused care for that unit;
  2. CDU Staff. The CDU core team generally consists of two uniformed medical officers, a civilian physician, a uniformed physician assistant (PA), a civilian nurse practitioner (NP), a primary care nurse (PCN) (military or civilian), three military medical technicians and two civilian administrative support staff. The team may be periodically augmented by in-house physiotherapists, pharmacists and mental health professionals who provide care either in collaboration with the team or through direct intervention;
  3. Collaborative Care. Within the CDU, each patient with chronic or ongoing health care needs will be assigned to a primary clinician to maintain continuity of care but at different times the patient might be seen and treated by other members of the CDU care team. The goal of this collaborative team approach is to ensure the patient sees the “right clinician” at the “right time” to address their needs in a flexible, efficient, and holistic manner. Therefore, the patient may see a med tech, PCN, NP, or a PA instead of a physician, depending on the patient’s health issue(s). The CDU staff may refer directly to a pharmacist, a physiotherapist or a mental health provider following a brief triage, without requirement to wait for a physician prescription or referral;
  4. Treatment Room. CF H Svcs C (O) has a Treatment Room consisting of one nurse, one physician, and two or three med techs who provide care for minor acute conditions which arise after sick parade hours and merit prompt attention but that do not require Emergency Department assessment or hospitalization. The Treatment Room is open from 0730 to 1500hrs. If a patient arrives after 1500hrs, staff will instruct him/her where to go (e.g., Walk-in Clinic, Emergency Department, follow up the next day, etc.);
  5. Triage. The clinical team works collaboratively with patients to assess their needs, and to provide the best possible health care in a timely fashion. In order to attend to all patients according to urgency and priority, various triage and management mechanisms are required and must be respected. This will affect wait times to varying degrees. Non-acute issues which present to sick parade or the treatment room may be deferred to a subsequent booked appointment. Likewise, less pressing acute issues may need to wait until the more serious cases are looked after. Patients must respect the needs of others and the responsibility and prerogative of clinical staff performing triage; and
  6. Choice of Clinician. Uniformed personnel must receive their care from the CFHS or from specific health care providers designated by the CFHS. Within their CDU, patients may request to be rostered to a certain type of provider (e.g. they may express a preference for an NP, PA or physician as their primary clinician.) Patients may make reasonable requests to meet certain personal preferences or special needs, for example:
    1. Male or female provider;
    2. French-speaking or English-speaking provider; and
    3. Provider with special skills (e.g. able to perform joint injections).

Such requests will be met wherever possible, ideally within the CDU. Sometimes this may require a change of CDU. Exceptional requests may be forwarded through the CDU to the Base Surgeon. In all cases involving individual preferences, due consideration must be given to the collective needs of all patients. Requests for specific providers are often unmanageable and will not normally be considered. Likewise requests for “only military” or “only civilian” providers will not normally be considered. These principles apply to routine patient-clinician health care encounters.

Sick parade

Sick Parade

Location: CF H Svcs C (O) - 713 Montreal Rd, 3rd floor
Booking: Call 343-553-4886 between 1200 to 1500 hrs Monday-Thursday
Walk in Clinic hours: 0730-1200 hrs, Monday-Friday

Please call Sick Parade Booking Line if your symptoms or concerns have been present for less than 48 hours, you have been directed to by your CoC, your medical condition interferes with your ability to perform your daily work, or you are documenting an encounter with an after-hours civilian medical provider.

The Sick Parade is not a civilian acute care emergency room. Except in cases of acute illness interfering with work, patients should contact their respective CDU to schedule an appointment. To do otherwise may lead to a long wait time before being seen (unnecessary time away from work), may create delays for other patients, in addition to increasing the triage burden for staff.


Patients without respiratory symptoms should book an appointment for sick parade for an assessment of their acute health concern(s). Patients will be booked based on first come first serve basis for the next day and seen by proper medical staff, respecting their scopes of practice. Appointments for administrative purposes (chits, prescription renewal, etc.) may be done through telehealth.

Patients are to arrive at the 4th floor reception at Montfort Clinic (713 Montreal Rd) at most 10 minutes prior to their appointment.   Pending availability, patients who show up late for their Scheduled Appointment may be seen after other booked appointments for the day, or when a clinician is free. Your health team has set aside time specifically for your benefit and works very hard to operate on time.


Patients who become acutely ill during the day and whose illness cannot wait until the next morning’s sick parade, may present to CF H Svcs C (O) without an appointment as “walk-ins”. Walk-ins are directed to the main reception desk on the third floor and fill in chart to help with triage. 

Given the physical limitations at the clinic, you may be asked, for you and your health team’s safety, to wait outside or in their car when the maximum capacity is reached.  We apologize in advance for the inconvenience and are continuing to develop mitigation strategies, such as virtual care, to meet all of NCR CAF members’ needs.

Specialist clinic services

Specialist clinic services

In addition to regular physician services, CF H Svcs (O) conducts various specialty clinics and for those services not available on site, we will refer patients to external health providers. All specialist appointments must first be authorized by your regular physician. If you want to confirm your appointment time and date please call our spec clinic reception clerks.


Hours of operation:

  • Monday to Friday: 0730 - 1530hrs.

Point of contact:

  • Spec clinic reception: (613) 945-1549, (613) 945-1550 and (613) 945-1551
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