Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School

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The Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School (CFLRS) conducts basic training for officers and non-commissioned members joining the Regular Force component of the Canadian Armed Forces. CFLRS is also responsible of professional development programmes for officers and non-commissioned members.

The School’s activities take place at the Saint-Jean Garrison located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. Every year, more than 5000 people start their military career at CFLRS, while 3000 military members train via Distance Learning. CFLRS employs more than 600 military and civilian employees.

Information for the visitors

When can I visit a recruit or an officer-cadet in training?

Visits are not authorized during the indoctrination period first three weekends of the course) or when the platoon is given supplementary training on weekends. Once the indoctrination period is over, candidates may welcome guests on Saturday (from 1 pm to 10 pm), on Sunday (from 8:30 am to 7 pm) and on statutory holidays (from 1 pm to 10 pm). Guests must be welcomed at the Rotunda and may go to the Subway, the Canex, the O'Mega Mess, the cafeteria or the orange corridor. All other areas are explicitly out of bounds to any guests.

Accommodations in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

For more information regarding places to stay and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu area, visit Haut Richelieu tourism's website.

Accommodations at the Saint-Jean Garrison (for military members only)

Please contact the Exacta Centre:450-358-7099, extension 6110

Contact the Exacta Centre by email.

How to get to the Saint-Jean Garrison


Saint-Jean Garrison
25 Grand-Bernier
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc

From Montreal:

  1. Cross the Champlain Bridge
  2. Take Highway 10 East
  3. Exit #22, Highway 35 South
  4. Exit #45, Rue Pierre-Caisse
  5. At the lights, turn left
  6. Keep your right and at the lights, turn right on Rue Pierre-Caisse
  7. At the lights, turn left on Rue Grand-Bernier
  8. Drive for approximately 3 Km. The Saint-Jean Garrison will be located on your left after Des Carrières Street

From Québec City:

  1. Take Highway 20 West
  2. Exit #98 West, Highway 30 West
  3. Exit #67, Highway 10 East
  4. Go to step 3 of previous menu

From Montreal-Trudeau International Airport:

  1. When you leave the airport, follow the indications for Highway 20 East
  2. On Highway 20 East, follow the indications for Champlain Bridge
  3. Go to step 1 of first menu

From Hull / Ottawa:

  1. Highway 417 East becomes Highway 40 East in Quebec
  2. Exit #32, Highway 540/ Highway 20/ON-401/Salaberry de Valleyfield/Toronto
  3. Continue on Highway 30 East (toll road)
  4. Exit #67, Highway 10 East
  5. Go to step 3 of first menu

From Kingston:

  1. Highway 401 East becomes Highway 20 East in Quebec
  2. Exit Highway 30 East (toll road)
  3. Exit #67, Highway 10 East
  4. Go to step 3 of first menu

Public Transportation from Montreal:

  1. At Terminus AMT Centre-ville, take Bus 96 to Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (French only).
  2. Once at the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Station, take a taxi (approximately 10 minutes away from the Garrison).
  3. If you are arriving at the Montreal-Trudeau Airport, take the 747 P-E-Trudeau/Downtown Bus to the Terminus AMT Centre-ville (French only).
  4. The Train Station (Gare Centrale) is of walking distance to the Terminus AMT Centre-ville.
Graduation Ceremonies

The end of course ceremonies take place at the HD4 building of the Saint-Jean garrison on Thursdays at 2 p.m. Building doors open at 1 p.m. All guests must be seated in the stands by 1:45 p.m. If it is not possible for you to attend in person, CFLRS is offering a live stream on their Facebook page.

For more information, follow our Facebook page or contact the Public Affairs Department by phone at 450.358.7099 ext. 6534 or by email at


Basic Military Officer Qualification (Officer-Cadets)
Platoon Number Start Date End Date Ceremony Date
Q0068E June 12, 2023 July 21, 2023 July 20, 2023
L0069F / L0070E May 8, 2023 July 28, 2023 July 27, 2023
L0084E / L0085E May 22, 2023 August 11, 2023 August 10, 2023
L0071F / L0072E August 28, 2023 November 17, 2023 November 16, 2023
L0073E September 4, 2023 November 24, 2023 November 23, 2023
L0074E September 18, 2023 December 8, 2023 December 7, 2023
L0075E October 16, 2023 February 2, 2024 February 1, 2024
L0076F October 23, 2023 February 9, 2024 February 8, 2024
L0077E / L0078E November 6, 2023 February 23, 2024 February 22, 2024
L0079E January 8, 2024 March 29, 2024 March 28, 2024
L0080E / L0081F January 15, 2024 April 5, 2024 April 4, 2024
L0082E January 29, 2024 April 19, 2024 April 18, 2024
L0083E February 26, 2024 May 17, 2024 May 16, 2024


Basic Military Qualification (Recruits)
Platoon Number Start Date End Date Ceremony Date
R0014F June 19, 2023 August 11, 2023 August 10, 2023
R0013E / R0015F June 26, 2023 August 18, 2023 August 17, 2023
R0018E / R0019E July 24, 2023 September 15, 2023 September 14, 2023
R0020E / R0021E July 31, 2023 September 22, 2023 September 21, 2023
R0022E / R0023F August 7, 2023 September 29, 2023 September 28, 2023
R0024E / R0083E / R0025E August 14, 2023 October 6, 2023 October 5, 2023
R0026E / R0027E / R0028F August 21, 2023 October 13, 2023 October 12, 2023
R0029F / R0030E August 28, 2023 October 20, 2023 October 19, 2023
R0031E / R0032E August 30, 2023 October 27, 2023 October 26, 2023
R0033E / R0034F / R0035E September 6, 2023 November 3, 2023 November 2, 2023
R0039E September 27, 2023 November 24, 2023 November 23, 2023
R0040E / R0041E / R0042E October 4, 2023 December 1, 2023 November 30, 2023
R0043E October 11, 2023 December 8, 2023 December 7, 2023
R0044F / R0045E / R0046F October 25, 2023 January 19, 2024 January 18, 2024
R0049E / R0052E November 1, 2023 January 26, 2024 January 25, 2024
R0047F / R0048E / R0055E November 8, 2023 February 2, 2024 February 1, 2024
R0050E / R0051F / R0053E November 15, 2023 February 9, 2024 February 8, 2024
R0058E / R0059E January 10, 2024 March 8, 2024 March 7, 2024
R0060E / R0062E January 24, 2024 March 22, 2024 March 21, 2024
R0063E January 31, 2024 March 29, 2024 March 28, 2024
R0065F / R0073F February 7, 2024 April 5, 2024 April 4, 2024
R0064E / R0066E / R0068E February 14, 2024 April 12, 2024 April 11, 2024
R0067E / R0070F February 21, 2024 April 19, 2024 April 18, 2024
R0061F / R0072E / R0081E February 28, 2024 April 26, 2024 April 25, 2024
R0071E / R0074E / R0080E March 6, 2024 May 3, 2024 May 2, 2024
R0069E March 20, 2024 May 17, 2024 May 16, 2024
R0076E / R0082E March 27, 2024 May 24, 2024 May 23, 2024
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Conditions of admission

1. Can I apply to take the Basic Military Qualification (BMQ) or the Basic Military Officer Qualification (BMOQ) at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School?

No. CFLRS is responsible for basic training for selected officers and non-commissioned members (NCMs) who join the Canadian Armed Forces Regular Force. To enrol, visit the Canadian Armed Forces Jobs website or contact your local recruiting centre at 1-800-856-8488.
To enrol, you must:

  • be a Canadian citizen;
  • be at least 18 years old (17 with parental consent), except
    • for paid study programs, be at least 16 years of age (with parental consent);
    • for the Primary Reserve, be at least 16 years of age (with parental consent) and be a full-time student;
  • have completed at least Grade 10 or, in Quebec, Secondary IV (some occupations require higher education).

2. Can I take “boot camp” type training at CFLRS to get into shape in preparation for enrolling in the Canadian Forces?

No. Tips on preparing for basic training can be found at the following link: About basic training.

Practical information for admitted candidates and their family members

1. My family member / friend received an offer of admission to start military training at the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School. Where can I find information about the various administrative details related to entering CFLRS?

See the joining instructions. This document contains a wealth of information on the administrative procedures to be completed in connection with basic military training at CFLRS.

2. How can I reach the candidate quickly in the event of an emergency?

In the event of an emergency, candidates can be reached by telephone through the CFLRS Coordination Centre at 450-358-7099, ext 7229.

3. When can I visit a family member / friend who is training at CFLRS?

Visits are allowed and even encouraged. However, they are limited to the Orange sector of the General J.-V. Allard Building. Visits can be scheduled at specific times during weekend leaves. No visits are allowed during the week or during the indoctrination period (the first three weeks of training for BMQ and the first four weeks for BMOQ). Consult your family member / friend to coordinate a visit.

4. What is the mailing address of the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School?

The mailing address for CFLRS candidates is:

Serial number
Rank, last name, initials
Course number
Saint-Jean Garrison
PO Box 100, Stn Bureau-chef
Richelain, QC J0J 1R0

If the sender does not include the service number and course number, delivery of the shipment could be delayed. Priority Post and parcels sent via courier are accepted, and no signature is required.

5. Once mail is received at CFLRS, how long does it take to reach the candidates? Is it the orderly room’s normal procedure to hold the mail until a certain time?

The mail is never held. The orderly room receives the mail from the Garrison Post Office and distributes it as soon as possible. If you want to track something sent by courier, you must provide the orderly room with the tracking number.

The time required for mail or other deliveries to reach the candidates depends on many factors. The platoon is responsible for picking up the mail for daily distribution to candidates by platoon staff.

Note that all packages are opened by platoon staff. Cold, flu or other over-the-counter medications will be held and returned to candidates at the end of the course. For the duration of training, our medical services will look after candidates’ health and provide them with any necessary medications.

Candidates have the right to receive “care packages” containing baked goods, etc. However, food cannot be stored or consumed in quarters.

Mail delivery time is longer when the platoon is deployed in the field at the Farnham site.

6. Can a candidate use his or her own automobile?

Yes. Parking is free and candidates must use the parking area indicated in the joining instructions.

7. Are quarters available at Saint-Jean Garrison for visitors?

A limited number of quarters are available for CAF members, veterans and civilian DND employees through the Exacta Centre.

Exacta Centre
450-358-7099, ext 6110

Where can I stay when I visit Saint-Jean Garrison?

See the following link for information on accommodation in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Training Reintegration Program

1. My family member / friend has been injured and is now in the Training Reintegration Program (TRP). Can I find out when he/she will return to training?

The purpose of the ERP is to train candidates and assist in reintegrating those who were not adequately prepared for basic training or who sustain injuries during the BMQ/BMOQ and return them to training as soon as possible.

Under the Privacy Act, we are not allowed to discuss your family member / friend’s situation. We suggest that you contact him or her directly. Your family member / friend should know the options available depending on his/her status and may, if he/she wishes, explain them to you. If the candidate has concerns or questions, he/she should not hesitate to communicate with his/her chain of command himself/herself to obtain clarification.

Christmas leave and statutory holidays

1. Following the indoctrination period, do the candidates have weekends off?

After the indoctrination period, candidates may have their weekends free if they are meeting the standards, and they are allowed to leave the Garrison at the end of the training day. Usually, that will be around 5:30 pm on Friday, and they are required to return by 6:00 pm on Sunday. We suggest that you communicate directly with your family member / friend to find out the details concerning weekends off.

2. During the year, does training continue on statutory holidays?

Yes. In addition, if the indoctrination period overlaps with a statutory holiday, including the Easter holidays, visits are prohibited.

3. My family member / friend will start training sometime before the Christmas holidays. Will the training continue during that period? Will there be a break?

There is a block leave from mid-December (a Friday) to the second week of January (a Monday). The 2022–2023 block leave will begin on December 16, 2022, and end on January 7, 2023.

The administrative details concerning this leave will be communicated to the candidates by their chain of command. You should contact your family member / friend to coordinate all the details related to his/her leave, including times of departure from and return to CFLRS.

Graduation ceremonies

1. I need to coordinate the availability of family members for the candidate’s graduation ceremony. I seem to remember that the ceremonies are held on a Thursday. Is that still the case?

Yes. The BMQ and BMOQ graduation ceremonies are always held on a Thursday at 2:00 pm. You should communicate with your family member / friend to coordinate all the details related to attending his/her graduation ceremony. The only exception is the BMOQ graduation ceremony for specialized trades such as chaplains and social workers, which is held on a Friday morning.

2. Will I be able to see my family member / friend the evening before the graduation ceremony, or the day after it?

You should communicate with your family member / friend to coordinate all the details related to attending his/her graduation ceremony and departure from the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School. For more information, see the Graduation Ceremonies section above.

3. Does the Government of Canada cover the costs for parents who live in another province and want to attend their son or daughter’s graduation ceremony?

There is no Canadian government program or budget covering the costs for parents who want to attend a son or daughter’s graduation ceremony.

4. Are the locations where the graduation ceremonies are held accessible to persons with reduced mobility?

Yes. However, so that we can properly manage available seating and accommodate special needs, graduates must inform their chain of command of any special needs.

5. Several platoons will participate in my family member / friend’s graduation ceremony. Is it possible to find out the location in the stands with the best view of his/her platoon?

Signs indicating the platoon numbers will be displayed on the stands facing the locations of the respective platoons. Make sure you know your family member / friend’s platoon number.

6. Are we limited to a certain number of seats for the graduation ceremony?

Graduation ceremonies usually include two to five platoons of about 45 candidates each. The stands can accommodate nearly 550 people. For planning purposes, we estimate two guests per graduate. Your family member / friend must inform the chain of command if he/she expects more than two guests to attend.

7. As a former CAF member, can I wear my uniform?

In accordance with QR&O Volume 1, para 17.06, “A former member of the Regular Force or Reserve Force, who was released for a reason other than misconduct may wear uniform … with the permission of an officer commanding a command or his designated authority …, when attending a military entertainment or ceremony at which the wearing of uniform is appropriate ….”

The request must be submitted by the graduate through his/her chain of command.

Veterans are welcome to wear their medals.

8. I have to book flights to see my family member / friend graduate from CFLRS. So that I can avoid last-minute booking costs, can you confirm that he/she will actually be graduating?

Only your family member / friend can confirm this. CFLRS cannot provide you with that information, as it is protected under the Privacy Act.


1. Can I do an internship in accounting or another specific subject at CFLRS?

Due to the high operational tempo and the resources available, we are unable to accept interns in any specific field at CFLRS.

Contact Us

To contact a candidate:

Postal address

Service number
Rank, name and initials
Course number
St-Jean Garrison
P.O. Box 100, Station Bureau-Chef
Richelain (Quebec)
J0J 1R0


A12 345 678
Private Simpson, J.P.
St-Jean Garrison
P.O. Box 100, Station Bureau-Chef
Richelain (Quebec)
J0J 1R0



Please ensure that the following information is included on the cover page:

Phone number (for emergencies only)

450-358-7099, extension 7229

Questions and Comments

Your comments are important to us and we will address your concerns as quickly as possible.

You can submit your questions and/or comments directly to this email address.

Note that any personal information you send us is protected under the Privacy Act.

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