PSYOPS Officer

Competency Code: (AIYH)


The center of gravity for this course is the Operational Planning Process (OPP). Since most of the candidates arrive with a lack of understanding of the OPP, there is an introduction to the various stages, followed by detailed lessons on the various stages, and finally the PSYOPS inputs required at each stage of the OPP. The students then have the chance to apply their PSYOPS training to the OPP during syndicate exercises the same way they would in an operational Headquarters (HQ).


This course is designed to produce Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Officers capable of performing the duties of a PSYOPS Officer in both a tactical and operational HQ. It provides students with the necessary skills to act as an advisor to all levels of command, to plan and produce PSYOPS staff products, and to conduct and supervise psychological operations.


All exercises are syndicate based and students learn from each other and collaborate in every facet of mission planning, through each of the stages of the OPP.  All syndicate work is closely guided and monitored by our instructors. The PSYOPS products that candidates are required to deliver reflect the most contemporary themes and objectives available.  This gives candidates the most up to date approach, lessons learned and best-practices from PSYOPS campaigns around the world.  The PSYOPS Officer course places emphasis on the production cycle and understanding rather than content and outputs.  The Canadian “Whole of Government” approach is also addressed.

Pre-requisites and Eligibility

The prerequisites for this course are:

  1. NCMs be the rank of WO/PO1 (OR-7); 
  2. officers be the rank of Capt/Lt(N) (OF-2); and
  3. officers should have ATOC (Course code AEKX or AJEA).
  4. this course is open to international students.

Joining Instructions:

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