Peace Support Training Centre courses

Courses at the Peace Support Training Centre include :

  • Information Operations Officer

    The Information Operations planner plays a vital role in the overall Operational Planning Process (OPP) at the tactical and operational level. Instructors at PSTC for the Information Operations Officer (Info Ops) course have a unique experience in conducting information operations at different levels. The Info Ops course is preceded by a pre-reading package and 10 training days given at PSTC Kingston.

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  • CIMIC Operator

    The Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Operator course is one of Peace Support Training Centre’s (PSTC) specialty courses. PSTC prides itself to have a vast group of instructors with a wealth of knowledge in the CIMIC environment. The course covers the core competencies of a CIMIC Operator, focusing on skills such as liaison, conducting meetings, CIMIC reports and returns, and area assessments.

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  • CIMIC Staff Officer

    The Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Staff Officer Course is designed to prepare Officers and Senior Non-Commissioned Members (NCMs) to perform the duties of a CIMIC Staff Officer at an operational level Headquarters. The CIMIC Staff Officer course is one of PSTC’s specialty courses. PSTC prides itself to have a vast group of instructors with a wealth of knowledge in the CIMIC environment.

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  • PSYOPS Tactical Operator

    PSYOPS Tactical Operators (TACOPs) are the vanguard of Psychological Operations forces. They operate as the eyes, ears, and voice of the battlefield Commander. TACOPs employ weapons of influence to create effects on the battlefield, across the full spectrum of operations, which far outweigh their relatively small team and limited equipment.

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  • PSYOPS Analyst

    The Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Analyst course is designed to produce an Analyst capable of conducting all duties of an Analyst working in a deployed Analysis Cell. This course explores various tools and techniques, such as the Target Audience Analysis worksheet (TAAWS), Analysis of hostile propaganda through the SCAME (Source, Content, Audience, Media, Effects) worksheet, questionnaires, interview techniques and focus groups within a PSYOPS context in order to contribute to the PSYOPS product development cycle in support of an operational Headquarters.

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  • PSYOPS Officer

    This course is designed to produce Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Officers capable of performing the duties of a PSYOPS Officer in both a tactical and operational Head Quarters (HQ). It provides students with the necessary skills to act as an advisor to all levels of command, to plan and produce PSYOPS staff products, and to conduct and supervise psychological operations.

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  • United Nations Military Observer

    The United Nations Military Observer (UNMO, formerly PSOC, and UNMEM) course, is UN Certified and is a pre-requisite for deployment for Canadian Armed Forces personnel on UN missions around the globe, categorized as either UN Military Observers (UNMO), Military Liaison Officers (MLO) or UN Military Advisors (MILAD). The aim of this course is designed to enable candidates to perform the duties of an UNMO within a UN Multi-dimensional peacekeeping force.

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