Second language training in the Canadian Armed Forces

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Autonomous Language Learning in Interaction with Elements in Synergy (ALLIES) is a language learning application developed by the Canadian Defence Academy.

It's available at all times on both the Internet and DND Intranet. Therefore, you can study when and where you wish.

ALLIES web is an online second language training program for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and Department of National Defence (DND) employees that:

Connect to ALLIES web

If you have an account on ALLIES web, please go to the Students and Tutors login page.

Autonomous mode registration

The ALLIES web application in Self-Directed Study Mode (without a tutor) is available only to CAF members and DND employees.

In autonomous mode you can learn the basics of your second official language or maintain linguistic skills already learned.

How to register

To request an account in autonomous mode, go to the registration page (available only on the DND Intranet).

Once you receive your account information, login to the program from either the DND Intranet or the Internet.

There is a multimedia tutorial and an introductory lesson to help you get started.

Once you begin, you will be able to choose which lessons you want to take and how much of each one you want to complete. If the learning is too easy, move on quickly. If the learning gets too difficult, move back and review.

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