Funded projects for the Community Support for Sexual Misconduct Survivors Grant Program

The Sexual Misconduct Support and Response Centre (SMSRC) funds organizations who seek to provide access to support services for those affected by sexual misconduct within the Defence community.

While the SMSRC has assessed the following projects with the safety and needs of the community at the forefront, we do not directly or indirectly endorse their services, nor guarantee results.


Dragonfly Centre - Sexual Assault Services

Military Sexual Trauma Supports Programs

Bonnyville, AB

This project will provide support and counselling for those affected by sexual misconduct within the Defence community. There is a psycho-educational component that aims to increase participant knowledge on several topics, including the impacts of sexual misconduct within the Defence community, setting boundaries, and healthy coping strategies. The service area for this project includes 15 surrounding Indigenous communities, Canadian Forces Base Cold Lake, as well as Francophone community members.

Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton (SACE)

Sexual Violence Support & Education for the CAF Community

Edmonton, AB

This project will provide counselling and public education programs. The counselling program provides trauma therapy for people who have experienced sexual misconduct in the Defence community, while the public education program offers person-centered, evidence-based education for youth and adults. SACE provides services to people of any age (3 years and up), gender, sexual orientation, or background who have been impacted by sexual misconduct in the greater Edmonton area. This includes those in Edmonton’s surrounding rural communities, and the Edmonton Garrison Base; counselling services are available for people in other parts of Alberta, and online courses can be accessed by anyone in the world.

British Columbia

Ann Davis Transition Society

Trauma Informed Counselling & Supports Program for Survivors of Military Based Sexual Misconduct

Chilliwack, BC

Ann Davis Transition Society will provide one-on-one counselling and group therapy to those affected by sexual misconduct in the Defence community. They serve men, women, youth, children, couples, and families by providing a safe environment where any aspect of abuse can be discussed in confidence. Service areas include the Fraser Valley with five locations: four in Chilliwack and one in Hope. Remote services are also available.

Veterans Transition Network (VTN)

VTN's Group Counselling for Women

Vancouver, BC

This project offers a 5-day Transition Skills Course to 10 women (both active and retired military personnel) who have been affected by sexual misconduct across Canada, per year. Services are specifically designed for women to create a space for them to connect with their peers and speak openly about their experiences. VTN has sourced and trained female psychologists across Canada to enable them to provide an appropriate environment to deliver services to women affected by military sexual trauma.

Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre

Victoria and Westshore Child and Youth Advocacy Centres

Victoria, BC

Victoria Child Abuse Prevention and Counselling Centre will provide support to military families by offering increased access to crisis support and victim services during the investigation of child sexual abuse cases involving children and youth in the greater Victoria jurisdiction. The organization will assign a victim service advocate to each case, conduct safety planning and crisis support, offer community referrals, provide on-going communication and updates about the case for the families and affected persons, and provide court-process preparation and accompaniment.



(website in French only)

Let’s join forces together!

Quebec City, QC

This project has two main components:

  1. psychological support for survivors and their loved ones with a reduction in the waiting time for services and information, and
  2. awareness and training for the Defence community on the issue of sexual misconduct. Viol-Secours provides services in the Quebec City and Portneuf area, where there is a Huron-Wendat Indigenous community.

Services are offered in French; however, interpreters will be used as needed.

The Pepper Pod - Retreat Centre for Women Veterans

Beyond Trauma

Chelsea, QC

This project will offer women affected by sexual misconduct within the Defence community a one-day ‘Beyond Trauma’ retreat (whether or not they have participated in a Lifeshop) where they can connect with other survivors and acquire important techniques to implement gender-responsive, strengths-based skills they need for healing. Retreats would be offered at the Pepper Pod and near CAF bases across Canada, such as in Edmonton and Gagetown.


Individual counselling for adult men who have experienced sexual abuse.

Montreal, QC

This project consists of developing individual psychosocial support services adapted to help participants regain healthy control over their lives. These services will be offered to individuals who self-identify as men who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, who are over the age of 18 and who reside in the Montreal metropolitan area. Emphasis will be placed on members of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Department of Defence and Veterans Affairs.

Centre pour les victimes d'agression sexuelle de Montréal (CVASM)

Sexual violence information/assistance (SVIA) in support of the Defence community

Montreal, QC

This project will provide a provincial 24/7 telephone line to serve the Defence community by offering support, information and referrals to resources closest to their homes, throughout Quebec. This line will be made better known to this community through a promotional campaign, particularly in localities throughout Quebec. Based on an assessment of the context and needs of the CAF community, current and newly recruited operators will be trained to better understand the specific needs and realities of the Defence community.

Native Women's Association of Canada (NWAC)

Building a Safe Passage for Indigenous WG2STGD People Impacted by Sexual Misconduct in CAF/DND

Gatineau, QC

This project aims to:

  1. ensure Elder/Knowledge Keeper support is available in case of crisis;
  2. ensure NWAC’s resource map remains updated so First Nations, Métis and Inuit Women, Girls, Two-Spirit, Transgender and Gender Diverse (WG2STGD) people have access to information on support services in their region;
  3. ensure the perspectives of Indigenous WG2STGD people are heard and included; and
  4. build trauma-informed training capacity on sexual misconduct/violence prevention specifically related to the experiences of Indigenous WG2STGD people.

Training will be provided for staff working at DND/CAF and support will be provided to service workers engaging with members of the Defence community. NWAC supports and represents Indigenous women and girls, two-spirited, transgendered and gender-diverse people across Canada and is inclusive of First Nations (on and off reserve), status, non-status, and disenfranchised Inuit and Métis across Turtle Island and Inuit Nunangat.

Soutien aux hommes agressés sexuellement – Estrie (SHASE)

Adult male victim intervention and awareness for CAF

Sherbrooke, QC

SHASE will provide services to adult males who are affected by sexual misconduct within the Defence community and tailored services to individuals of sexual diversity by offering individual and group counselling. The organization will also develop awareness activities specifically designed for CAF members and veterans.

New Brunswick

Sexual Violence New Brunswick (SVNB)

Strengthening and Sustaining Systems Advocacy Services

Fredericton, NB

This project will improve understanding and response to the unmet needs of those affected by sexual misconduct in the Defence community who require concurrent support for various areas of healing, trauma, healthcare, housing, mental health, and employment issues connected to their experience of sexual misconduct. Through a Systems Advocacy Service Model, the organization will improve collaboration between community-based agencies and relevant government departments in the Greater Fredericton Area. The primary client group at SVNB includes those affected by sexual misconduct residing in the greater Fredericton region, including Canadian Forces Base Gagetown.

Family Enrichment and Counselling Service, Inc.

Building Resilience

Fredericton, NB

This project will offer four types of services: counselling, group support, psycho-educational programming, and resource navigation. By providing options to attend group and/or individual support, those affected by sexual misconduct in the Defence community will be able to decide what will meet their needs and comfort level. This project will allow for those at various stages of healing to gain information, learn coping strategies and explore their feelings and thoughts in a safe environment.

Newfoundland and Labrador

NL Sexual Assault Crisis Centre

The Canopy Project: Trauma-informed support to CAF/DND survivors of Sexual Misconduct

St. John’s, NL

The Canopy Project consists of counselling sessions, mentorship with a trained volunteer over a 6 to 12-month period, and an opportunity to participate in a 12-week support group to address the need for short- and long-term support. This project will include trained personnel who offer a safe, structured, and nurturing environment in which to learn new skills and to begin to resolve the trauma of sexual misconduct. Services will be available to those affected by sexual misconduct in the Defence community, and will be offered in English, French, American Sign Language, and other languages as required.

Enhancing Support Services for those impacted by sexual violence

St. John’s, NL

This capacity building project will allow the NL Sexual Assault Crisis Centre to increase its operating hours for its 24/7 telephone line and text/web-based chat line, both of which currently operate on a limited schedule. Callers reach a trained volunteer who can answer questions, provide emotional support, connect a person to a resource, or simply listen to the caller. Those impacted by sexual misconduct within the Defence community in all areas of Newfoundland and Labrador will be able to access the toll-free line.

Nova Scotia

Avalon Sexual Assault Centre

Building Pathways to Accessing Trauma Informed Supports and Sexualized Violence Prevention

Halifax, NS

Avalon has integrated CAF-linked service providers into their programs while supporting critically under-resourced services that are already being accessed by those affected by sexual misconduct within the Defence community. This program aims to strengthen relationships with organizations and service providers who work with diverse populations to identify and reduce barriers to information and support services, increase communication and care coordination, improve service delivery competency, strengthen the referral process, and reduce the risk of re-traumatization for those affected by sexual misconduct. The organization is expanding its programs and services in spring 2023 to communities across Nova Scotia and to gender diverse people, including men.

Canadian Women’s Wellness Initiative (CWWI)

Field-Tested Approach to Stress Reduction and Improved Well-Being for Survivors of Sexual Misconduct

Seabright, NS

This project aims to offer an effective stress reduction technique to those who have experienced sexual misconduct within the Defence community. The Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique is a 15 to 20-minute silent meditation practice which aims to enable relaxation and invoke the body's self-repair mechanisms. CWWI provides training to anyone whose life is impacted by traumatic stress; they currently provide the TM course in seven cities across Canada: Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Peterborough, Ottawa, and Montreal and Fredericton.

New Start Counselling

Beyond Zero Tolerance: Re-establishing safety and hope for those impacted by sexual misconduct

Dartmouth, NS

The goal of this project is to act as a wraparound service consisting of two components. One component will consist of education and outreach services to the Defence community, seeking to reach those who may not necessarily identify as being impacted by sexual misconduct. The second and main component is to provide therapeutic group counselling for those affected by sexual misconduct.


Muskoka Parry Sound Sexual Assault Services (MPSSAS)

Ojiibikaawan – (We have roots): Healing from Sexual Violence

Bracebridge, ON

This project will provide an integrated healing experience for those affected by sexual misconduct within the Defence community to address the impacts of trauma and provide an awareness of the different elements and practices needed for healing. MPSSAS serves people of all genders who have been affected by sexual misconduct and who are 16 years of age or older. Culturally-based services are also available to Indigenous survivors regardless of colonial boundaries, in an attempt to include the needs of vulnerable and nomadic/trafficked Indigenous clients. Service delivery is offered in-person, virtually, or a hybrid approach through their Bracebridge office.

Four Directions of Healing

Bracebridge, ON

This project will offer culturally-based healing experiences in collaboration with another organization, GreeneStone Centre for Recovery. Twice per year, Indigenous people affected by sexual misconduct in the Defence community will have the opportunity to participate in a retreat and take part in a land-based healing ceremony, talking circles, a sweat lodge, and cedar baths with an Elder and a spiritual advisor on site. This partnership will enable Indigenous military personnel and Veterans to have access to continued virtual programming, providing a more encompassing support service.

Sexual Assault Centre Kingston (SACK)

The Another Crossing Project: Rapid Access Program

Kingston, ON

Through the Rapid Access Program, Defence community members can access sexual misconduct support quickly, and receive counselling services. This program also provides virtual counselling and phone appointments to avoid disruption of services. SACK is located close to Canadian Forces Base Kingston.

Lawson Health Research Institute

Barriers and Facilitators to Treatment Following Military Sexual Misconduct

London, ON

This project will use a qualitative approach to explore barriers (perceived and encountered) faced by CAF Veterans affected by sexual misconduct. This research will be conducted virtually and will include participants who are CAF Veterans over the age of 18 who have experienced any form of military-related sexual misconduct. Clinicians involved in this study must have an active caseload of CAF Veterans who have experienced military-related sexual misconduct.

Huronia Transition Homes (HTH)

Project B.A.S.E. (Building Accessible Supports and Education)

Midland, ON

While partnering with other key community organizations, this project will continue to reduce barriers for active and retired CAF members to receive specialized services and training on sexual misconduct. This project will provide counselling for CAF members, as well as training on issues such as consent. It will also increase stakeholder knowledge of existing programing through support service network collaboration and service mapping. HTH provides services to women who are 16 years of age and older and have experienced sexual misconduct. Their service area encompasses all of Simcoe County, including the primary communities of Alliston, Collingwood, Barrie, Orillia, Midland, Angus, Rama First Nation, and the remote island reserve Beausoleil First Nation. Both in-person and virtual programming are offered.

Amelia Rising Sexual Assault Centre of Nipissing

Trauma Informed Support for Military after Sexual Misconduct

North Bay, ON

Amelia Rising Sexual Violence Support Centre will provide counselling to those affected by sexual misconduct within the Defence community. Training will be put in place to ensure the counsellor is aware of the unique circumstances affecting this population; this project will also provide the opportunity to build a group or workshop for clients coming from the Defence community. The service area for this project includes the Nipissing region, covering Temagami, Mattawa, Sturgeon Falls and South River.

Women Warriors’ Healing Garden

Equine-Assisted Learning and Therapy for Women and 2SLGBTQIA+ People Who Have Served with the CAF or RCMP

Orleans, ON

Women Warriors’ Healing Garden will offer equine-assisted therapy, including individual and group counselling, as well as other equine-assisted mental health activities such as group art therapy and peer support. These services will be offered by a team consisting of a mental health professional trained in the Tranquil Acres Equine-Assisted Therapy method, and an equine specialist. The target audience for this project is Veteran women and members of the 2SLGBTQI+ community in Ottawa. Virtual programs are limited to the province of practice of the mental health care professionals who facilitate them, primarily Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Durham Rape Crisis Centre

Serving Those in Service

Oshawa, ON

This project is specifically designed to serve members of the Defence community through long-term individual counselling as well as group counselling services, outreach, and training; both virtual and in-person services are available. The project will include outreach to address the needs that are specific to the Defence community, including the rollout of "ManMade," a supportive training specifically designed for men in an effort to break barriers about allyship and survivorship among men, and boost confidence, self-esteem, and resilience for men affected by sexual misconduct within the Defence community.

Ending Violence Association of Canada (EVA Canada),

Enhancing capacity of community-based sexual violence centres to respond to CAF/DND survivors of MST

Ottawa, ON

This project will develop an evidence-informed, competency-based, bilingual online curriculum to educate sexual assault centres on responding to military sexual trauma (MST) in the community and will facilitate the development of standardized protocols for the provision of services for sexual assault centres across the country. These tools will better equip providers in supporting those affected by MST in their recovery. EVA Canada’s target population is community-based sexual violence organizations and service providers who provide direct services to those affected by sexual misconduct.

Counselling and Family Service Ottawa (CFS)

Supporting Francophone survivors of sexual misconduct

Ottawa, ON

CFS is a dedicated French language service provider with a long history of supporting those who have been affected by sexual misconduct and partner violence, as well as men who have been affected by sexual misconduct. This project will support the Francophone minority population of men and women affected by sexual misconduct within the Defence community with one-on-one counselling and group therapy. Programming will be available online, in-person and by phone.

Sexual Assault Support Centre of Ottawa

Project Collaboration: Working together to Support Canada's Defence Community

Ottawa, ON

This project aims to create a space for those affected by sexual misconduct within the Defence community by providing individual and/or group support, advocacy, system navigation, resources, and to share their lived experiences in a safe, accountable, confidential space with trained Peer Support Facilitators. The organization will engage the community about military sexual misconduct through outreach and offer diverse platforms for accessing peer support (i.e., phone support, in-person and virtual peer support). The target population for this project includes women and gender diverse people who have experienced sexual misconduct within the Defence community and services the Ottawa area.

Collaborative Justice Program

Post-charge Restorative Justice Support for Those Affected by Sexual Misconduct

Ottawa, ON

This project will ensure that Defence community members with cases that have been transferred to the criminal court in Ottawa would have access, on a voluntary basis, to restorative justice. CJP will recruit a military member to participate in their Advisory Circle to provide advice in military cases. Services are available in-person and virtually, in both French and English; hours are flexible, and CJP meets people in the community when it is safe to do so.

Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime (CRCVC)

Resource booklet

Ottawa, ON

CRCVC will create a bilingual booklet that lists various resources and legal information designed to help those in the Defence community who have been affected by sexual misconduct obtain all relevant information in one location. The booklet will provide information tailored for men, women and 2SLGBTQI+ people, using a victim-centred approach. CRCVC will also create a video to spread awareness, educate members of the community on sexual misconduct and inform those affected by sexual misconduct about their rights.

Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW)

Ask Women Anything

Ottawa, ON

Ask Women Anything is focused on providing education and awareness for diverse women and gender diverse people on an array of topics, including gender-based violence. The program consists of panel discussions between two and five women and gender diverse people who are experts on a topic. The topics at hand, and the inclusion of Defence Community members on panels, allows audience members to receive information on gender-based violence. Panels will be accessible both online and in person.

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