Restorative Engagement Class Member Updates March 2023


We are reaching out to provide you with an update on the Sexual Misconduct Support and Resource Centre (SMSRC)’s Restorative Engagement (RE) program which launched in November 2021.

Since the launch

We have done significant work to continue developing the program and ensure that the necessary resources, supports and systems are in place to proceed to contact class members.

We have contacted over 250 class members who expressed interest in participating in the RE program. Many who have shared their experience(s) and/or knowledge of sexual misconduct with Defence representatives have found the program meaningful.

In addition, seven cohorts of Defence representatives have participated in the program. Many Defence representatives indicated that the program has provided them with important insights about institutional culture and how they can contribute to positive change.

We are now working closely with the CAF/DND leadership to ensure that Defence representatives are supported to implement culture change following their participation in the RE program and to integrate lessons learned into broader institutional understanding and action.

We have also increased our team over the past year. We have hired and prepared more restorative practitioners to ensure that we can work with a larger number of class members in 2023.

Information sessions

If you want to learn more about the program, we will be holding virtual information sessions throughout 2023. If you are interested, you are invited to register for a session. Sessions are currently scheduled for spring 2023 and more dates will be added later in the summer/fall. You will have the option to participate and ask questions anonymously.

What’s next?

If you did not receive previous program updates, we invite you to bookmark our RE webpage to view previous and new updates. We will continue to provide you with updates in the manner you identified to receive information (email or mail), throughout the program’s duration.

There are more than 5,400 class members who are interested in the program, and it is our commitment that each one will be able to participate. Class members will be contacted in the order in which their claims were submitted. There may be a significant amount of time before you are invited to participate given the high level of interest in participation. We will increase our communications via these types of updates as well as the information sessions.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out at or by phone at 1-833-998-2048.

In addition, you can reach out to the SMSRC 24/7 line at 1-844-750-1648. The SMSRC’s 24/7 line counsellors can provide you with confidential support, including information on options, guidance on supporting others, and referrals to care and service organizations. This service is available in either official language.

We are not able to provide you with an update on your claim and invite you to contact the Claim’s Administrator about the CAF-DND Sexual Misconduct Class Action Settlement at or by telephone at 1-888-626-2611.

Please inform us of any changes to your contact information (e.g. your email address or phone number), by emailing us at or by phone as above, at 1-833-998-2048.


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