Occupant handbook - Moving-out

Moving-out process

The moving-out process is made up of both a preliminary and final inspection. We do a preliminary inspection to make sure you know all the cleaning and condition requirements, and this meeting should be held as soon as possible after you have given the Canadian Forces Housing Agency your written 30-day notice of intention to vacate.

The final inspection will take place on your move-out date and is carried-out to make sure you have completed all the move-out requirements identified during the preliminary inspection.

The preliminary and final inspections will take place only during the Housing Services Centre’s regular working hours. You, or in unusual circumstances your representative (where one has been appointed), need to be present during the inspections.

Moving-out requirements

When a residence is vacated, it needs to be left in a clean, hygienic and tidy condition. If you hire a cleaner, the agreement is between you and them. You remain entirely responsible for the cleanliness inspection. The following standards apply:

  • All floors, including those in the basement, need to be cleaned; all carpets need to be vacuumed and steam cleaned if required;
  • All wall and ceiling surfaces need to be free of residue, with the curtain tracks removed. Free of residue means the removal of foreign matter such as stains from tobacco products and pen/pencil marks through spot washing and scrubbing as necessary;
  • All windows, window sills and screens need to be clean inside and out; damaged screens need to be repaired/replaced;
  • All sinks, bathtubs, and toilets need to be clean and hygienic;
  • All Canadian Forces Housing Agency owned appliances, including range hoods and bathroom exhaust fan grills, need to be clean and hygienic;
  • All cupboards, bathroom vanities and cabinets and closet surfaces need to be free of residue; shelf-liner in kitchen cabinets and drawers must be removed;
  • All burned-out and/or missing light bulbs/fluorescent tubes need to be replaced;
  • The lawn needs to be cut and trimmed and the grounds surrounding the residence, including window wells, need to be clean and free of all rubbish; flower beds need to be weeded and raked;
  • All sidewalks and driveways need to be clear of snow and ice;
  • The basement, crawlspace and garage, if applicable, need to be clean and completely empty; nails, screws and frame hangers need to be removed from all surfaces;
  • The furnace humidifier and filter need to be clean; all removable heat registers need to be removed and the accessible duct area vacuumed;
  • All garbage and hazardous waste need to be disposed of in the correct fashion. Please look into regulations and by-laws about garbage and hazardous waste;
  • The composter needs to be emptied and contents disposed of where applicable;
  • All temporary structures (e.g. sheds, pools, fences) need to be removed and the grounds restored to their original condition; and
  • If the residence is heated by oil, the fuel tank must be filled-up.

Restoration of grounds

When you move out, you need to remove any structures you have put up and restore the grounds to their original condition, at your own expense. This also includes proper soil preparation and re-seeding any damaged grass areas before you move. If you move during the winter months, you need to give the HSC a letter of intent, indicating the contact information of the designated person who will remove all the structures, gardens, pet waste, as well as restore the lot in the spring. The letter needs to be signed by the designated person. Without a letter of intent, you will need to give the Housing Services Centre advanced payment so the lot can be restored when weather permits.

Rent account/damages

You are responsible for ensuring that your account with Canadian Forces Housing Agency is paid in full. Failure to settle rent accounts or formally imposed deductions for damages may result in recovery action, which may involve the issuance of taxable benefit remittances.

Notification to utility service providers

You are responsible for informing all service providers (hydro, gas, cable, telephone, etc.) of your move-out date and to provide a forwarding address for final billing. The Canadian Forces Housing Agency will also notify hydro and gas providers where applicable.

Redirection of mail

You are responsible to have all personal mail redirected. Please call the local post office for more information or visit www.canadapost.ca.

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