Comprehensive dental care services

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) (through the Canadian Forces Dental Services) provides comprehensive dental care, as defined in Queen's Regulations and Orders (QR&O) 35.01, to entitled personnel. Levels of dental care range from urgent dental care to operational dental fitness care and oral health dental care. Dental Care is delivered by a complement of general practitioners and specialists in a managed setting utilizing priorities for care, selection criteria and evidence-based guidelines.

Levels of dental care

Throughout the continuum of levels of dental care a wide range of dental services are available to entitled personnel. Eligible dental services mean services listed hereafter, when rendered by a dental officer/dentist or dental specialist, or rendered by a dental hygienist/dental assistant, (or rendered by a licensed denturologist/ denturist) under the direct supervision /prescription of a dental officer/dentist or dental specialist.

Eligible dental services include:

Diagnostic Services

  1. oral examination;
  2. oro-facial examination;
  3. intra and extra-oral radiographs;
  4. advanced diagnostic imaging;
  5. biopsy of oral tissue;
  6. tests and laboratory assessments; and
  7. diagnosis and treatment planning.

Preventive Services

  1. oral hygiene instructions;
  2. dental cleaning;
  3. fluoride treatment;
  4. caries control;
  5. pit & fissure sealants;
  6. diet & nutritional counseling;
  7. group instruction;
  8. sports mouth guards; and
  9. other preventive services.

Periodontal Services

  1. non-surgical services;
  2. scaling & root planing;
  3. surgical services;
  4. post-surgical treatment;
  5. occlusal equilibration;
  6. occlusal appliances; and
  7. other periodontic services.

Restorative Services - Minor

  1. amalgam, resin, glass ionomer restorations;
  2. pin reinforcements for these restorations;
  3. temporary restorations; and
  4. polishing of restorations.

Restorative Services - Major

  1. crowns & inlays;
  2. labial veneers;
  3. retentive pins, posts and cores; and
  4. other restorative services.

Prosthodontic Services - Minor

  1. removable dentures (complete and partial);
  2. repairs;
  3. adjustments; and
  4. relining & rebasing

Prosthodontic Services - Major

  1. fixed dentures (bridges);
  2. repairs of fixed appliances;
  3. implant supported prostheses;
  4. oro-facial and cranial prosthetic rehabilitation; and
  5. other prosthetic services.

Orthodontic Services - Minor

  1. minor tooth movement to correct crowding/spacing in a quadrant/sextant/arch;
  2. positioning abutment teeth prior to prosthodontic treatment; and
  3. treatment that can normally be completed within 12 months at the local military dental detachment.

Orthodontic Services - Major

  1. treatment to correct a functional disability related to malocclusion.

Endodontic Services

  1. pulp capping;
  2. pulpotomy & pulpectomy;
  3. non-surgical root canal therapy;
  4. retreatment;
  5. surgical root canal therapy; and
  6. other endodontic services.

Surgical Services

  1. removal of cyst, tumors, and neoplasms;
  2. treatment of oral and maxillofacial fractures;
  3. surgical correction of maxillofacial deformities;
  4. extractions;
  5. surgical extractions;
  6. surgical / capsular or muscular intervention in TMD therapy;
  7. soft and hard tissue pre-prosthetic surgery;
  8. placement of osseointegrated implants; and
  9. other surgical services.

Adjunctive General Services

  1. emergency services not otherwise specified;
  2. management of TMD;
  3. sedation;
  4. consultation;
  5. forensic dental service; and
  6. other adjunctive services. 

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