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System Requirements

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What is Cadet365?

Cadet365 is a collaborative platform for Cadets and Adult Staff across Canada. The suite provides access to familiar products like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Planner, OneNote and OneDrive. The aim of the suite is to promote collaboration and facilitate remote work.

The innovative cloud-based platform enables the team to work on both personal and work devices. This is a proven solution that balances the need to innovate and continue working with the need to maintain security and accountability.

How does Cadet365 work?

After you have completed your onboarding process, you will always have access to the Microsoft365 suite on your personal or work device. You will be able to use the different apps to collaborate with your colleagues.

Multi-factor Authentication

To log into Cadet365 you have to use the Multi-factor Authentication. Passwords are an essential part of staying cyber secure but they’re not infallible. Cyber criminals can use various methods to guess, steal, and compromise your passwords. Multi-factor authentication makes it more difficult for cyber criminals to access your devices and accounts.

Learn more about multi-factor authentication, an important step in accessing Cadet365.

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