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All of the links included in this document will take you outside the Government of Canada network.

Password Reset

If you need to reset your password, use the self-serve password reset by Microsoft.

This only applies if you have completed onboarding.

Note for Adult Staff: Your CCO account and Cadet365 account logins are one and the same. If you change the password in Cadet365, the new password will apply to your CCO account.

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Getting Started

In this section you will find resources that will help you learn how to use and communicate using the Microsoft Teams application. These tools will teach you how to store and retrieve files and resources.

One Drive

OneDrive is only available using the web application at this time. 




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I am a Team Owner

Team owners may be Commanding Officers of corps and squadrons, leaders at gliding sites, sail centres, or expedition sites. You could be a course director or section head at a Cadet Training Centre, or a member of RCSU leading a working group or workshop.

These resources will help you to learn more about managing team structures, managing participants and adding tabs and tools to your team. 


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I am a Content Manager

Content managers are usually Team Owners who are working at a Regional Cadet Support Unit or the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers headquarters, employed at a Cadet Training Centre, or delivering training as part of CIC Training. You may be in charge of course materials, or a corps or squadron training officer who is responsible for ensuring training material are available for cadets.

These resources will help you to learn more about managing team resources, sharing files and content with participants and learning the advantages and differences between OneDrive and SharePoint. 


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I am an Instructor or want to increase my productivity

These resources focus on some of the applications that will be used most often by instructors, staff working on group projects, or those who are interested in using new tools to organize their thoughts and materials or improve their presentation skills. 


Microsoft Whiteboard


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