Cadet365 Training and Resources for Cadets

All of the links included in this document will take you outside the Government of Canada network.

Password Reset

If you need to reset your password, use the self-serve password reset by Microsoft. 

This only applies if you have completed onboarding.


Getting Started

Here are some resources that will allow you to become familiar with some of the fuctions and features of Cadet365 to build a base knowledge prior to your onboarding. 


I am a Cadet

In this section you will find resources that will help you learn to use and communicate via the Microsoft Teams application, and how to store and retrieve files and resources.


I am a Staff Cadet or Senior Cadet

These resources focus on some of the applications that will be used most often by instructors, cadets working on group projects, or those who are interested in using new tools to organize their thoughts and materials or improve their presentation skills.


Microsoft Whiteboard

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