14-18 Annex A Appendix 1 – The Cardiovascular Component

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

The 20-m Shuttle Run Test 

1. The 20-m Shuttle Run Test is progressive, in that it begins with an easy pace and gradually becomes more challenging as time passes.  The 20-m Shuttle Run Test is an individual assessment and is based on personal ability.

2. The 20-m Shuttle Run Test consists of running a distance of 20 m repeatedly, at a specified pace that increases each minute.  Each cadet will be expected to run until they can no longer keep up the required pace.

Setting up the 20-m Shuttle Run Test

3. Equipment required:

  1. Leger 20-m Shuttle Run Test CD;
  2. measuring tape;
  3. CD player; and
  4. pylons.

4. The 20-m Shuttle Run Test will be set up to include:

  1. two lines (pylons) a distance of 20-m apart;
  2. a number of 1–1.5-m lanes (depending on the number of cadets), as illustrated in Figure 1; and
  3. a CD player that is close by and can be heard by all cadets.
Figure 1 - Layout for the 20 m shuttle race test. Participants and scorekeepers stand upright. Participants must cross a corridor of 20 meters to the race. A supervisor stands at the end of the 20m corridor.

Note. Created by Director Cadets 3, 2007, Ottawa, ON: Department of National Defence.

Conducting the 20-m Shuttle Run Test

5. Have the cadets who are running the 20-m Shuttle Run Test line up in their respective lanes at the starting line and wait for instructions from the CD.

6. Play the CD. The scorekeeper will record the number of laps that are successfully completed on the score sheet. The supervisors at each line will inform the scorekeeper when a cadet does not cross the line before the beep.

7. The 20-m Shuttle Run Test is complete when all the cadets have not reached the line before the beep for the second time.

Scoring the 20-m Shuttle Run Test

8. The 20-m Shuttle Run Test will be scored using the Individual Score Sheet for the 20-m Shuttle Run Test located at page A1-4/4.

9. Each box on the score sheet represents a lap (a 20-m length). When the cadet completes a lap they receive a check mark. If they are unsuccessful they receive an X.  The cadet has completed the 20-m Shuttle Run Test when they are unable to successfully complete a lap a second time. The second incomplete lap does not count toward the cadet’s score.

10. Results are to be recorded on the Cadet Fitness Assessment and Incentive Level Results located at CATO 14-18, Annex BAppendix 3.

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