16-02 Annex D - ​​Seizure Disorders

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

1. A cadet presenting a recent history of an episode of seizures should not be considered for camp selection until a complete neurological evaluation has been done. If the neurological evaluation confirms the absence of any epileptic activity, no physical restriction should apply and there is no need for specific medical support. If a person has a history of only one seizure, this will require special consideration, not necessarily requiring a neurological evaluation.

2. A cadet presenting a history of one febrile convulsions limited to his infant years (6 months to 5 years of age) does not warrant any restriction nor any specific medical support: for example, a febrile seizure or due to a known toxic agent.

3. Two years of being seizure-free, including post-surgical, is required before the following activities:

  1. no use of firearms or explosive devices;
  2. no driving;
  3. no activity involving heights;
  4. no unsupervised water activity (i.e. swimming, sailing);
  5. no underwater activity; and
  6. no exposure to situations where a sudden loss of consciousness may be immediately hazardous.

4. Epilepsy

  1. a cadet presenting a history of epilepsy but who is symptom free without medication for five years should not require any restriction;
  2. cadet taking anti-epileptic medication who has had a seizure within the last twelve months generally warrants the same restrictions as specified in para 3; and
  3. a cadet taking anti-epileptic medication who has had no seizures within the last twelve months should generally receive the following restrictions:
    (1) no use of firearms or explosive devices,
    (2) no activity involving heights, and
    (3) no underwater activity.

5. Irrespective of medications, a cadet with an uncontrolled seizure disorder, should generally be considered unfit for camp until such time as the condition is stabilized and fully controlled.

6. The Formation Surg assisted by RCMLO will evaluate fitness for camp for every cadet with a seizure disorder according to the above stated limitations.

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