16-07 Annex A - ​​Compensation for Loss or Damage to Spectacles – Cadets and Cadet Instructors of a Corps/Squadron and for Civilian Instructors

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This Annex summarizes the procedures contained in CFAO 210-27 including Annexes A and B to claim compensation for repair or replacement of spectacles of cadets and cadet instructors of a Corps/Squadron and of civilian instructors employed either at a Corps/Squadron or at a CSTC.


2. It is neither the purpose nor the intent of this order to provide compensation in lieu of private insurance coverage. As the Crown may not be legally liable in respect of a claim, cadets and CF members are urged to secure adequate insurance to protect their personal property, regardless of whether such property is lodged in DND or non-DND accommodation.

When May Compensation be Claimed

3. Compensation may be claimed for repair or replacement of spectacles, if the loss or damage was attributable to the claimant's service in a Cadet Corps/Squadron and the spectacles lost or damaged were necessary for the performance of the member's cadet or military duties. This also applies to a civilian instructor employed either at a Corps/Squadron or at a CSTC.


4. No compensation is payable under this order for repair or replacement of spectacles which are covered by the cadets or CF members' private insurance.

Preparation and Submission of Claims

5. Claims for compensation shall be prepared on form CF 52, General Allowance Claim, and must contain or be accompanied by the following additional documentation:

  1. a description of the lost or damaged spectacles showing:
    (1) month, year and place of purchase,
    (2) purchase price, and
    (3) general condition of the article at time of loss or damage, e.g., poor, fair, good or excellent;
  2. full particulars of the circumstances under which the loss or damage occurred substantiated by evidence such as statements, military police investigation or Summary Investigations as appropriate and in accordance with QR&O 210.03(1)(a) and (b);
  3. a written undertaking that the member will, if compensation is paid, comply with QR&O 210.06 and 210.07, if applicable;
  4. evidence that the loss or damage was promptly reported and that every reasonable effort was made to recover missing spectacles;
  5. a statement by the claimant of private insurance coverage or lack of it, and details of any settlement made by the insurance company; and
  6. the original receipt for the replacement or repair of the claimant's spectacles.

6. The CO to whom a claim has been forwarded for approval will:

  1. ensure that it represents a valid claim;
  2. certify the claim in accordance with QR&O 210.03(1)(g); and
  3. forward the claim and supporting documentation to the RCSE/CRO for recommendation in block 5 of form CF 52. Recommended claims shall be forwarded to the Area AJAG or DJA or alternatively, in the case of a NCSE member located in the National Capital Region, to the Office of the JAG, Attention D Law/C for review and approval.

7. Claims approved under QR&O 210.01 will be returned to the appropriate RCSE/NCSE Comptroller for payment.​​

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