16-07 Annex B - ​​​Repair or Replacement of Spectacles – Cadets and Cadet Instructors at Cadet Summer Training Centres (CSTC)

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


1. This Annex outlines the procedures for the provision and repair of spectacles to cadets and cadet instructors at CSTCs.

Optical Supply and Services

2. Optical supplies and services (OSS) identical to Regular Force will be obtained for entitled personnel through local contracts for OSS, where available, arranged annually by Canadian Forces Medical Services (CFMS) in conjunction with Supply and Services Canada (SSC); otherwise local purchase funding shall be used.

Certification of Entitlement

3. When the spectacles of a cadet or cadet instructor are damaged or destroyed in circumstances that entitle the individual to medical care under QR&O 34.07, repair or replacement may be effected pursuant to the following conditions:

  1. the spectacles have been damaged or lost in the course of duty;
  2. repairs shall be effected against an existing optical contract, if possible; otherwise local purchase funding shall be used;
  3. replacement spectacles shall be obtained against an existing OSS contract. The frame will be a representative frame selected on a regional basis, however, it may be similar to the original provided it does not exceed the cost of a representative frame. When no contract exists, replacement shall be obtained by local purchase with the same proviso for the frame; and
  4. the relevant invoice, in addition to the certification required in para 6 below, shall be certified by the CSTC Senior Medical Authority (SMA) as follows -

"Certified that:

(SIN) (Rank) (Surname and Initials)

is entitled to medical care under QR&O 34.07, including the repair or replacement of spectacles at public expenses."

Senior Medical Authority


Order for Repair or Replacement of Spectacles

4. When repair or replacement of spectacles is required for an entitled member, the CSTC SMA shall prepare form DND 1615 (7530-21-908-1838) in quadruplicate. Only one pair of glasses shall be requisitioned for supply or repairs per DND 1615.

5. Form DND 1615 shall be processed and distributed as follows:

  1. copies 1, 2 and 3 are forwarded to the contractor and copy 4 is retained on CSTC reference file;
  2. the entitled member signs copies 1, 2 and 3 on receipt of the spectacles;
  3. the contractor retains copy 3 and attaches copies 1 and 2 with the invoice submitted to the CSTC; and
  4. copy 2 is to be filed in the member's CF 2034 and copy 1 replaces copy 4 on the CSTC reference file.

6. The Standing Offer - contract includes the procedure for the preparation and submission of invoices by the contractor. The procedure normally stipulates that a monthly invoice is to be submitted listing those personnel who receive OSS. The contractor must be informed to prepare a separate monthly listing of cadets and cadet instructors only. Invoice entries shall be supported by a receipted copy of the relevant form DND 1615.

Certification - Invoices

7. In addition to the certification required in para d. above, the invoice shall be stamped with the approved certification stamp and signed by the CSTC SMA, certifying that OSS have been provided or rendered, and that the price is according to contract (see Section 34, Financial Administration Act). The certified invoices shall be disposed of as follows:

  1. the original and duplicate copy shall be forwarded to the CSTC Finance Officer or the appropriate Region Cadet Comptroller after the closure of the CSTC, as applicable, for payment action; and
  2. the triplicate copy shall be retained on the CSTC reference file.

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