23-07 – Civilian Volunteers in Support of Authorized Cadet Activities

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)



1. This order establishes the procedures governing screening and acceptance of civilian volunteers who wish to participate in support of authorized cadet activities.


2. This order applies to:

  1. Canadian Armed Forces members tasked with the administration, supervision or training of cadets;
  2. civilian instructors; and
  3. civilian volunteers

Date of Effect

3. This order comes into effect upon receipt.


4. Enquiries may be directed to the Commander National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group, attention J1 Administration, through the chain of command.


Abbreviation Complete Word or Phrase
ACO Area Cadet Officer
CAF Canadian Armed Forces
CI civilian instructor
CO commanding officer
CTC cadet training centre
DND Department of National Defence
League Refers to all 3 Leagues collectively; The Navy League of Canada; The Army Cadet League of Canada; and The Air Cadet League of Canada
PRC police records check
QR (Cadets) Queen’s Regulations and Orders for the Canadian Cadet Organizations
RCSU Regional Cadet Support Unit
VSS vulnerability sector screening


authorized activity” (activités des cadets approuvées)


  1. participation in, or attendance at, an activity or period of instruction; and
  2. proceeding to and returning from the place where a cadet activity or period of instruction is performed, other than:
    (1) a parade,
    (2) a demonstration,
    (3) an exercise or other activity, or
    (4) a period of instruction, conducted at a local headquarters; and

    For further clarity, the authorized activity shall begin and end at the designated time and location approved for the cadet. The authorized activity includes travel from one cadet activity to another cadet activity provided such travel is explicitly authorized as part of the cadet activity. The authorized activity excludes travel prior to the commencement of an activity and travel subsequent to completion of the activity;

cadet instructor” (instructeur de cadets)

has the same meaning as found in QR (Cadets), section 1.02;

civilian instructor” (instructeur civil)

has the same meaning as found in

QR (Cadets), section 1.02;

civlian volunteer” (bénévole civil)

means a person who provides services directly to or on behalf of DND or the CAF, without compensation or any other thing of value in lieu of compensation, in support of authorized cadet activities, and who has completed a reliability screening and has been approved by the applicable League in accordance with the prerequisites established in paragraph 7 of this order; and

reliability screening” (enquête de fiabilité)

means a systematic process agreed upon by DND and the Leagues to confirm that a person may be expected to be reliable and trustworthy to participate in activities in support of authorized cadet activities. Information on the reliability screening process may be found in the respective Leagues’ screening manuals.

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5. The order is in line with the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat - Framework for the Management of Risk, as well as QR (Cadets).

6. Subject to paragraph 7, the CO of a cadet corps / squadron, a CTC, and any other cadet establishment or event, may authorize civilian volunteers to assist Cadet Instructors and CIs in support of authorized cadet activities. League certified civilian volunteers shall only participate in activities that are under the overall control and supervision of a Cadet Instructor or a paid CI. The civilian volunteer does not have to be within sight of the Cadet Instructor or CI at all times. Levels and gender of supervision shall be in accordance with CATO 13-12 Supervision of Cadets.


7. In order to participate in support of authorized cadet activities, a civilian volunteer shall have successfully completed the reliability screening (via PRC / VSS) conducted by the applicable League, be in possession of an identification card issued by a League, and have signed the Civilian Volunteer Agreement attached as Annex A to this order.

8. While the civilian volunteer is waiting for an identification card issued by a League, the CO may allow the civilian volunteer to participate in support of an authorized cadet activitiy after verification with the League that the other two conditions have been met.

Period of Validity

9. Civilian Volunteer Agreements are valid for a period of five years. At the end of this period each civilian volunteer shall undergo a new reliability screening in accordance with the applicable League process and complete a new Civilian Volunteer Agreement.

Occasional Drivers

10. To the extent possible, a screened volunteer should be used as a driver for cadet activities. Should screened volunteers not be available in sufficient numbers, occasional drivers may be used.

11. An adult who volunteers as an occasional driver in support of a cadet activity is not required to complete the reliability screening process. The CO shall only accept the assistance of an occasional driver who has completed the Driver’s Log according to League procedures and adheres to established League policies governing their duties.

12. An occasional driver shall only assist a cadet activity by transporting cadets from one point to another point. When cadets are travelling with an occasional driver they shall travel in groups of two or more and shall be provided with emergency contact information.

Community Supporter

13. There may be occasions where a CO determines that there is a requirement for additional support from members of the community. Should that occur, the CO is authorized to use community supporters on an occasional basis for specific events.

14. A community supporter may assume duties such as being a guest speaker, cooking food or providing a particular one-time service, at a corps / squadron activity or similar support functions at different events.

15. A community supporter is not required to complete the PRC / VSS screening process, however they are not to have access or direct contact with cadets unless they are under the direct supervision of a fully screened volunteer, CI, or member of the CAF.

16. A community supporter may participate in a corps / squadron activity up to a maximum of three occasions annually. A community supporter who wishes to participate on a more frequent basis is to be considered a volunteer and will be required to complete the PRC / VSS screening process.

Application to Civilian Instructors

17. While providing voluntary support, a CI is considered a volunteer, and with the exception of the selection and reliability screening process, is subject to the terms and conditions of this CATO. In addition, when providing voluntary support, the CI is subject to the policies and regulations regarding volunteers established by their respective League.

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The CO shall monitor the performance of all civilian volunteers on an ongoing basis. Should the CO have cause for concern over a civilian volunteer’s performance, or otherwise determine that a reassessment is necessary, they are authorized to:

  1. suspend all participation by the civilian volunteer in cadet activities; and
  2. request that a new application and reliability screening be completed.

19. After consultation with the local League representative and ACO, the CO is authorized to terminate a civilian volunteer’s agreement if deemed necessary.

20. The CO shall report all instances where a civilian volunteer has been suspended from cadet activities to their detachment, RCSU and appropriate League.

Change of Circumstance

21. A screened civilian volunteer shall report to their League and associated corps / squadron CO should they commit or be implicated in any type of activity that could change their status for their PRC / VSS. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. arrested for impaired driving or suspension of license for impaired driving;
  2. arrested for or suspected of drug use;
  3. arrested for or suspected of child pornography / assault / sexual assault / violence; and
  4. arrested for or suspected of theft.

22. Failure to report these incidents to the League and the cadet unit CO is considered a breach in trust and could result in the civilian volunteer losing all rights and privileges as a civilian volunteer, regardless of the severity of the occurrence.

23. The civilian volunteer may be suspended or restricted in activities until the issue is resolved. All incidents should be reported.


24. All documentation regarding civilian volunteers, including any League correspondence, shall be handled and secured at the Protected A level as a minimum and in accordance with the National Defence Security Instructions.

25. A copy of the Civilian Volunteer Agreement shall be provided to the appropriate League, upon request from the League.

26. The civilian volunteer file shall be retained for a period of three years following the end of the volunteer’s participation in cadet activities.


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Annex A

Civilian Volunteer Agreement

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