24-14 – CIC Certification/Re-Certification of Specialty Training Qualifications

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

This order should be read in conjunction with the following references:

  1. applicable CIC specifications; and
  2. applicable Qualification Standards (QSs) and Training Plans (TPs).


2. Conducting activities that are deemed higher risk requires the supervision of qualified personnel and in some circumstances certification is required for instructors to be able to conduct these activities in support of the Cadet Program. Qualifications within the CIC are permanent, certifications are not. In order to ensure that certifications are current, re-certification is required for those CIC qualifications deemed to be of higher risk.


3. The aim of this CATO is to outline the process for granting initial qualifications, maintaining certifications and re-certifying specifications within the CIC training organization.

Abbreviations and Acronyms

4. This order contains the following abbreviations:

Abbreviation Complete Word or Phrase
AI Abseil Instructor
BCI Basic Canoe Instructor
CATO Cadet Administration and Training Orders
CIC Cadet Instructors Cadre
CICTI Cadet Instructors Cadre Training Instructions
RCSU CO Regional Cadet Support Unit Commanding Officer
COATS Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service
CSTC Cadet Summer Training Centre
CWI Cold Weather Instructor
DTA Designated Training Authority
eLF e Learning Facilitator
FWCI Flat Water Canoe Instructor
HRMS Human Resources Management System
IT&E Individual Training and Education
MBI Mountain Bike Instructor
MES Military Employment Structure
MWCI Moving Water Canoe Instructor
QS Qualification Standard
RCIS Regional Cadet Instructor School
RCSU Regional Cadet Support Unit
RSO Range Safety Officer
RTE Regional Training Establishment
SC Sail Canada
TP Training Plan

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5. In this order:

“Authorized Regional Activity Coordinator”

refers to the person responsible for delivering regional Cadet Program activities. These activities may be conducted at a CSTC, a sailing, biathlon, shooting or expedition centre or any other activity delivered under the authority of CO RCSU. (Coordonnateur autorisé des activités régionales)


means an official recognition of knowledge and/or skills based on conducting activities. A certification is valid for a specific time period and requires the demonstration and / or delivery of activities with or without formal evaluation. (Accréditation)

“Certification Manager”

refers to the section and / or position responsible for the management of a specific certification within the RCSU. (Gestionnaire de certification)

“Designated Training Authority” (DTA)

is an authority, other than a Training Authority (TA) that due to functional, environmental and/or special accountabilities has been designated responsibility for management of IT&E for specific Career Field / occupation / sub-occupation and /or specialty specifications. DTAs perform the same IT&E management responsibilities as TAs. (responsable désigné de l’instruction (RDI))


means the person who leads, supervises, administers and trains members of the Cadet Program who hold a recognized qualification and/or certification. (Membre)


means a recognized level of ability in a work related field which is normally acquired through successful completion of IT&E to meet a MES Specification. (Qualification)

“Regional Training Establishment”

refers to establishments responsible for delivering CIC IT & E according to National Training Directives or CIC Training Instructions (TIs). RTEs include:

  1. RCIS;
  2. CSTC;
  3. Expedition Centres;
  4. Sailing centres;
  5. Gliding centres; and
  6. Any other establishment designated by the CO RCSU. (Établissement d’instruction régional)


refers to any additional training or evaluation of an individual to recommence or continue practicing a set of particular skills as detailed in a specification. (réaccréditation)

“Specialty Training and Activity Log Book”

means a log book used to register qualifications and the delivery of and/or participation in activities supporting the Cadet Program. Such log books allow for documentation of the information necessary to ensure the validity of a members’ certification. (Carnet d’instruction et d’activités spécialisées)

“Training Activity”

for the purposes of this CATO, a training activity is comprised of a minimum of 6 hours of training in the given specialty over a 24 hour period. (Activité d’instruction)

Qualification / Certification

6. Under no circumstances may members supervise or take charge of specialty activities listed in Annex A without valid certification.

7. Qualifications with certification allow a member to immediately conduct and / or supervise authorized Cadet Program activities. Qualifications / certifications are granted to members when a member completes a formal course and demonstrates his / her skills properly under supervision / evaluation.


8. The CO RCSU is the approving authority for certification / re-certification of the members in their respective regions. CO RCSU or their designated Certification Manager is to ensure that the names of all officers who are certified / re-certified are published in the applicable Regional orders / directives.

9. RTEs are responsible for the following items:

  1. ensure that HRMS is updated with members’ qualifications at the end of a training course;
  2. ensure that they are the initial signature on the members Specialty Training and Activity Log Book; and
  3. inform the member of the requirements for keeping their certification valid.

10. The Certification Manager is accountable to the CO RCSU for the management of the certification process and maintaining a list of certified personnel for those specialties that require certification / re-certification.

11. The Authorized Regional Activities Coordinator is responsible for signing the member’s Specialty Training Log Book when an activity under his / her responsibility is conducted.

12. The Corps / Squadron COs are responsible for signing the member’s Specialty Training and Activity Log Book when an activity is conducted under his / her responsibility.

13. Members are responsible for keeping their certification valid by fulfilling the certification / re-certification requirements as outlined in the applicable CIC specifications. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that their Specialty Training and Log Books are complete and up-to-date. It is also the member’s responsibility to ensure that their re-certification requirements are current and that their certification does not become invalid.

Certification Manager

14. The Certification Manager is specifically responsible for:

  1. keeping an up-to-date list of certified personnel and making it available to Regional Activity Coordinators and corps / squadron COs;
  2. re-certifying members by conducting audits on the members Specialty Training and Activity Log Book to ensure that the member has met the re-certification requirements; and
  3. informing members when their certification is about to expire and of the requirements they must meet to re-certify.

15. In cases where the certification expired because the member exceeded the specified time period as outlined in the Specification, the Certification Manager may consider the following options:

  1. re-validate certification through a supervised proficiency check by a certified member;
  2. re-certify under the authority of the CO RCSU;
  3. direct that the formal training be re-taken; or
  4. deny certification.

16. In cases where a course or other qualification is required to maintain valid certification, the member must make a request to the Certification Manager for course nomination and / or registration.

17. Should certified members fail to meet the requirements necessary for delivering an activity or they encounter safety issues, their certification may be revoked at any time under the authority of the RCSU CO.

18. Annex A includes a table listing the certification / re-certification requirements. 


Annex A

Certification/Re-Certification Table

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OPI:  D Cdts & JCR 6

Date:  Jun 13

Amendment:  Original (Ch 4/13)

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