54-26 Annex B - Height and Weight Form

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)


  1. ACGP Manual (A-CR-CCP-242/PT-005), Chapter 3, Section 1, Para 3
  2. CATO 51-01 Annex B CSTC Program; superseded by Nat CJCR Sp Gp Order 7003-1-13, Air Cadet National Summer Training Course Selection Process​; superseded by CJCR Gp Order 8060-7, Air Cadet National Training Selection Process.

1. As indicated at references A and B, the Schweizer 2-33 gliders used for the Glider Pilot Scholarship impose certain physical limitations with respect to weight and size of the pilot. Therefore, the student pilot’s size must promote comfortable positioning in the cockpit with good visibility in all directions as well as being able to reach the controls for full movement. The physical limitations for height and weight are:

Limitations Minimum Maximum
Height 152.4 cm 190.5 cm
Weight 40.82 kg 90.72 kg

2. I understand that if I am selected for the Glider Pilot Scholarship, I am required to meet the limitations listed above by 1 June of the year of the course. If I have not met these limitations at that time, I will be deleted from the selection list. If, for whatever reason, I fail to meet the limitations listed above when I arrive at the Regional Gliding School, I will be returned to unit (RTU).

3. My height and weight (in cadet PT gear, no shoes/boots, socks only) at the date indicated hereunder are:

Date: Height(cm): Weight(kg):
Cadet's Name (Print): Squadron Number:
Cadet's Signature: Date:
Cadet's Parent/Guardian's Signature: Date:
Cadet's Squadron CO's Signature Date:


Note:  A completed and signed copy of this Annex must be included with the Application File​.

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