CJCR Dress instructions | Section 2 Insignia

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  1. Insignia Type. Insignia types are as follows:
    1. sewn; and
    2. pinned.
  2. Insignia classification. Insignia are classified as follows:
    1. rank;
    2. proficiency;
    3. participation / competition; and
    4. commemorative.

Limitation and location of insignia

  1. Sewn Insignia. For sewn insignia, cadets shall wear on the JCR sweatshirt:
    1. JCR:
      1. only the highest marksmanship achievement is to be worn on the left arm, placed 6 cm from the bottom edge of the cuff. For the first three levels, the numerical badge is placed at 6 cm and the crossed rifles are positioned 0.5 cm above the numerical badge;
      2. any further additional badges authorized in the future will follow the Army Cadet standards as per chapter 3.

Figure 7-2-1 – Insignia placement 

JCR – Left Sleeve

left sleeve

The numerical marksmanship badge is placed at 6 cm and the crossed rifles are positioned 0.5 cm above the numerical badge.

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