CJCR Dress instructions | Chapter 7 Junior Canadian Rangers Section 1 Appearance and Dress Instructions

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  1. The appearance of the Junior Canadian Rangers (JCR) shall, on all occasions, be such as to reflect credit on the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and the JCR Programme.


  1. All those involved in the JCR Programme shall:
    1. become acquainted with and obey all regulations and instructions for the performance of their duties; and
    2. conform to the established policies of the JCR Programme.


  1. All JCR are issued clothing as outlined in the JCR Programme Material Authorization D08120CFS, JCR Equipment and Clothing.
  2. Issued clothing will be worn, where practical, at all JCR activities. While there are no regulations for personal appearance, restrictions may be placed on those involved in the JCR Programme for reasons of safety or hygiene. Care shall be taken to keep issued clothing clean and in good repair. Issued and civilian clothing can be mixed in order to provide adequate protection as required.
  3. Issued clothing that has been lost or damaged may be replaced at no cost to the JCR.
  4. Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers (CJCR) is the approving authority for the wearing of badges and accoutrements on the JCR uniforms.

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