CJCR Dress instructions | Section 5 Orders of Dress

  1. The JCR uniform / orders of dress are a blend of authorized JCR green items and civilian attire. JCR authorized items:
    1. ball-cap, green with embroidered JCR badge;
    2. sweatshirt, green hooded with JCR badge on front, rank tab centred above badge and Velcro removable Canadian flag on shoulder;
    3. t-shirt, green JCR badge on the left chest and Canadian flag on left sleeve;
    4. black or brown coloured civilian pattern belt;
    5. JCR shoes or civilian footwear relative to environmental conditions;
    6. authorized Cold Weather items;
    7. green fleece toque;
    8. green Canadian Cadet Organization (CCO) all-season coat with JCR badge;
    9. civilian pattern wind pants; and
    10. CCO black gloves.

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