5520-0 Reserve Service Opportunities

Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group Order (CJCR Gp O)

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  1. Identification
  2. Abbreviations
  3. Policy
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1. Identification

Date of Issue: 2021-03-17

Date of Verification: n/a

Application: This is an order that applies to Reserve Force members of the Canadian Armed Forces within the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers.

Supersession: n/a

Approval Authority: This order is issued under the authority of the Comd CJCR.

Office of Primary Interest (OPI): DCOS Sp

Enquiries: CJCR HQ J1

2. Abbreviations

Abbreviation Complete Word or Phrase
CJCR Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers
Res F Reserve Force

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3. Policy

3.1 The CJCR will select Canadian Armed Forces members for Reserve Service that enables the organization to accomplish its mandate and capitalizes on the members’ qualifications, experience, and potential.


3.2 The CJCR will establish open, fair, and equitable Reserve Service processes for the selection of personnel for Class “A” and “B” Reserve Service opportunities in the CJCR.

3.3 When a suitable Res F member is not available, a Regular Force member who is considering a component transfer may be considered for a Reserve Service opportunity, in accordance with CF Mil Pers Instruction 20/04, Administrative Policy of Class “A", Class “B” and Class “C” Reserve Service.

4. Publication

Frequency of Publication

4.1 Annual or more frequent review and updates, as required.

Errors/Omissions or Suggestions

4.2 Users of CJCR Gp Orders are encouraged to identify any errors, omissions or suggested orders to the attention of CJCR HQ J1 Policy.

5. References

Source References

Related References

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