5530-6 Chaplains

Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group Order (CJCR Gp O)

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  1. Identification
  2. Abbreviations
  3. Definitions
  4. Responsibilities
  5. CJCR Chaplain
  6. RCSU Chaplain
  7. Corps/Squadron Chaplain
  8. CTC Chaplains
  9. Publication
  10. References

1. Identification

Date of Issue: 2021-10-12

Date of Verification: n/a

Application: This is an order that applies to members of the Canadian Armed Forces and a directive that applies to Civilian Instructors and employees of the Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers.

Supersession: CATO 23-24, Chaplains at Cadet Corps and at Cadet Summer Training Centres

Approval Authority: This order is issued under the authority of the Comd CJCR.

Office of Primary Interest (OPI)CJCR COS

Enquiries: CJCR Chaplain

2. Abbreviations

Abbreviations Complete Word or Phrase
CAF Canadian Armed Forces
CCO Canadian Cadet Organizations
CJCR Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers
CO Commanding Officer
COATS Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service
COS Chief of Staff
CTC Cadet Training Centre
HQ Headquarters
RCChS Royal Canadian Chaplain Service
RCSU Regional Cadet Support Unit

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3. Definitions

Chaplain Mandate. See QR&O 33.04, Mandate to Provide Chaplain Services.

4. Responsibilities

4.1 A Chaplain is one who attends to the spiritual needs of people through conducting religious services, counseling, encouraging individuals in understanding themselves, interpreting theological and moral issues and ethical questions, educating others in such areas as ethics, anger management, and suicide prevention, and visiting and caring for the sick and the troubled. Chaplains often work on ecumenical or interfaith teams.

4.2 Chaplains will care for all persons, provide all necessary religious, spiritual and pastoral services to facilitate the needs of those with whom they share their faith traditions and practices, and facilitate the needs, traditions and practices of those of different faiths.

4.3 A Chaplain will act as an advisor on religious, spiritual, faith, moral, and ethical matters as they relate to the provision of service to the personnel and cadets of the CJCR.

Public Prayer

4.4 Pursuant to the Chaplain General’s policy governing public prayer, Chaplains may offer prayers at gatherings that respect the diversity of the people present.

4.5 When personnel and cadets are invited to partake in corps/squadron or affiliated unit ceremonies of a religious nature, such as a Regimental Church Parade, personnel and cadets must be given the opportunity to choose whether or not they will participate in the activity. Such choices must be respected and under no circumstances will personnel or cadets feel they are being punished or excluded.

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5. CJCR Chaplain

5.1 As the advisor to the Comd CJCR, the CJCR Chaplain will ensure congruence between the policies of the CJCR and the RCChS, and will coordinate with the CJCR and RCChS to ensure adequate chaplain staffing at CTCs and RCSUs.

5.2 The CJCR Chaplain will collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to develop programs, policies, and supports for the benefit of individual and collective wellness and resiliency.

6. RCSU Chaplain

6.1 Each RCSU may have a Chaplain who will act as an advisor to the RCSU CO.

6.2 Upon request, and or when required, the RCSU Chaplain will directly support the RCSU in providing the delivery of spiritual wellness and resiliency training at all levels of the RCSU.

6.3 The RCSU Chaplain will be employed at CTCs and will assist the CJCR Chaplain in facilitating chaplain services in their region.

7. Corps/Squadron Chaplain

7.1 Corps/Squadron COs may appoint civilian faith community leaders to serve as Corps/Squadron Chaplains. Civilian faith community leaders will have no military status as a result of their appointment. Corps/Squadron Chaplains are volunteers and are subject to CJCR Gp Order 5010-0, Adult Screening and CJCR Gp Order 5530-3, Volunteer Management.

7.2 Corps/Squadron Chaplains are not vetted by, nor do they receive the mandate of the RCChS. There is no presumption of endorsement, mandate, or acceptability by the RCChS, of any Corps/Squadron Chaplain by virtue of their appointment.

7.3 The corps/squadron CO retains command and control of the services or activities the Corps/Squadron Chaplain may provide, and the acceptability of those services or activities, in meeting the religious or spiritual needs of their personnel and cadets. The corps/squadron CO may contact the CJCR Chaplain to determine acceptable practices in keeping with the standards expected of chaplains providing services to personnel and cadets in the CJCR.

7.4 Regular Force or Primary Reserve Chaplains of affiliated units may act as the Corps/Squadron Chaplain with the approval of the RCChS, CJCR Chaplain, and affiliated unit CO.

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8. CTC Chaplains

Selection for Employment at CTCs

8.1 In consultation with the CJCR Chaplain, RCSU CO, and CTC CO, CTC Chaplains are selected by the applicable RCChS Command Chaplain with the assistance of the Division/Formation Chaplains.

8.2 The Chaplain General is the approving authority for all CTC Chaplains and will issue the appropriate directives.


8.3 Selected candidates must attend a two-day course prior to obtaining approval to serve as a CTC Chaplain. Course content is based on the terms of reference of the CTC Chaplain issued by the Chaplain General and approved by Director Chaplain Operations. The course is coordinated by the RCChS Division/Formation Chaplain and funded by the RCSU.

8.4 CTC Chaplains will participate in the pre-CTC training to become familiar with current CTC polices and directives.

8.5 CAF Chaplains in the Primary Reserve or COATS, can, with the approval of their chain of command, request employment at a CTC.

8.6 When a CTC is located at a CAF base or garrison, Regular Force Chaplains on the Basic Training List can, with the approval of their chain of command, serve at the CTC.

Duties and Responsibilities

8.7 CTC Chaplains are only required to provide pastoral care directly related to their position. CTC Chaplains will not be assigned other tasks related to the operation of the CTC.

8.8 CTC chaplains must provide pastoral care and advice to personnel and cadets, which includes:

  1. briefing staff on the professional role of the chaplain during pre-CTC training;
  2. being available for regular meetings with the CTC CO and senior staff, and developing a positive working relationship;
  3. being present at the CTC through visits to living quarters, places of duty, recreational areas, Medical Inspection Rooms, local hospitals, and the parade square;
  4. providing individual counselling, as required;
  5. delivering pastoral support to the personnel and cadets during all situations or at times of personal crisis;
  6. arranging for, and facilitating, the diverse practice and observance of many spiritual, religious, and faith traditions, including the provision of opportunities for worship; and
  7. acting as a Duty Chaplain to the CTC on a 24 hour, 7 days a week basis.

8.9 Prior to the start of their employment, civilian community faith leaders who are contracted to work at a CTC are required to obtain, through the CJCR Chaplain, a mandate from the office of the Chaplain General.

Religious Services

8.10 CTC Chaplains will offer opportunities for faith practice, public prayers, or observances on the following occasions:

  1. at weekly faith community gatherings, ensuring the diversity of religious practices are respected and facilitated, as required or requested, allowing all those who wish to participate, to do so. This will mean providing opportunities at different times and days of the week. This may involve coordination with civilian community faith leaders and groups; and
  2. a weekly period of instruction that forms part of the regular training calendar. This period will constitute an opportunity for chaplains to provide lessons in life skills, appropriate to youth of the Cadet Program.

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9. Publication

Frequency of Publication

9.1 Annual or more frequent review and updates, as required.

Errors/Omissions or Suggestions

9.2 Users of CJCR Gp Orders are encouraged to bring any errors, omissions or suggested orders to the attention of CJCR HQ J1 Policy.

10. References

Source References

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