About Reservist Employer Support Services

Learn how to talk to your employer or educator, and get support you need

Every reservist is responsible for talking to their employer about their reserve role because they:

Reservist’s Employer Support Toolkit

The Reservist’s Employer Support toolkit contains resources to help the reservist talk to their employer or educator about the value of their reserve service. It includes:

How to recognize your employer or educator

Many employers and educators go above-and-beyond in their suppor to reservists. Some have established military-leave policies, maintain employee-reservists’ benefits during deployments, and even support families while their reservists are away. Such initiatives are both meaningful and impactful.

To recognize the efforts and support of employers and educators, reservists and command teams can nominate a civilian supervisor or educator for special recognition.

Reserve employer recognition nomination form

Award criteria

Recognition is awarded based on the level and consistency of the support provided. Each recognition ceremony is conducted by a senior military member, and can acknowledge an organization, or individual(s). We can perform these ceremonies in person or virtually. 

Request assistance 

Most reservists are able to advocate for themselves, but if it is difficult to obtain leave for military duties, assistance is available from:

  • Chain of command
  • Employer Support Liaison Officer network
  • Canadian Forces Liaison Council 
  • Unit Employer Support Representative

Click here to fill out the form to request help in securing time off for military duties. 

Reserve employer assistance request form

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