Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program

About Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program (CERP), qualifications for funding, apply for funding.

If your company employs a reservist, you may be eligible for financial compensation after your reservist-employee takes time off due to military duties.

If you are a reservist working for a civilian employer, let your employer know they may be financially compensated if you take time off from work due to military duties.

If you are a self-employed reservist, you may be eligible for additional financial compensation when you take time off from your business due to military duties.

About CERP

The Compensation for Employers of Reservists Program (CERP) provides financial support to civilian employers—and self-employed reservists—to help offset operational costs when a reservist-employee is away from the workplace due to military commitments. Applicants may qualify for a lump-sum grant after the reservist-employee returns to the workplace, following an absence of 30 days or more. The amount of compensation is adjusted annually.

Qualifying for CERP

  1. The civilian employer must be a Canadian employer of a reservist-employee who is a member of the Primary Reserve or Canadian Rangers. (Federal-government departments or agencies are not eligible.)
  2. The reservist-employee must be away from the civilian workplace for a minimum of 30 consecutive days to participate in military skills training (e.g., courses, exercises, training activities) or an operation. “Military skills training” includes course instructors and support staff.
  3. The civilian employer must submit a Grant Application Package and required documents no later than 12 months following the reservist’s return to work.
  4. Self-employed reservists must provide documentation demonstrating that the business is real, active, and represents the main source of employment for 13 consecutive weeks (or three consecutive months) prior to the leave-of-absence for military duties.

Applying for CERP

Employers complete the Grant Application Package and submit required documents regarding the business’ details, reservist’s status as an employee and absence for military duties. A guide is available to facilitate completion of the application.

CERP Application Guide

CERP Grant Application Package

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