With Glowing Hearts - Reservist Support Initiative

Canadian Armed Forces reservists are talented part-time soldiers, sailors and aviators who receive world-class training to develop key competencies and skills. Their civilian employers also benefit from their training and abilities such as leadership, teamwork, discipline, initiative, determination, problem solving, and the ability to work under pressure. With Glowing Hearts, we stand together supporting our community and country.

What is the With Glowing Hearts Initiative?

The Canadian Armed Forces trains thousands of reservists annually to be ready to serve their country and community in times of need.  Consequently, they also bring exceptional qualifications to their civilian employment. The With Glowing Hearts – Reservist Support Initiative symbolizes your commitment to attracting and retaining talented employees by demonstrating flexibility so that they may balance work and military commitments. This initiative highlights your support of reservists and welcoming their skills and talent to the workplace. As a candidate for a position they have an incumbent skill set that goes above and beyond another candidate for the same role. Reservists enhance corporate culture with the experience they have attained in the military. And if you already employ a reservist, you know the benefits they bring to the workplace: reservists make your work better.

How to register

The only requirement to register for the With Glowing Hearts Initiative is to have a Military Leave Policy in place, and share an electronic copy with us.

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Employer Information and Support

When an organization registers for the With Glowing Hearts initiative, they will receive customized initiative assets such as:

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With Glowing Hearts Members

From corporations to small business - organizations of all sizes support reservists. Your support of reservists is critical to maintaining our Armed Forces operational capability. When you employ a reservist, they bring their knowledge, training and experience from the military to your organization. In turn, they also contribute their workplace expertise when serving in the military. It’s a win-win for both your organization and the Canadian Armed Forces - and is one of the very reasons many people are proud of our serving members in the Canadian Forces. Employing a reservist is good for business and it makes your work, and workplace, better.

Thank you for your support!

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