Canadian Naval Reserve divisions from 1923 to 2000

List of Canadian Naval Reserve divisions for each location and their changing names over time. This is part of the Canadian Armed Forces "Official Lineages" reference guide: Volume 2: Extant Commissioned Ships.

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Canadian Naval Reserve divisions from 1923 to 2000
Localization From 1923 to 1934 From 1935 to 1940 From 1941 to 1946 From 1947 to 2000
Calgary Calgary Half-Company Calgary Division Tecumseh Tecumseh
Charlottetown Charlottetown Half-Company Charlottetown Division Queen Charlotte Queen Charlotte
Chicoutimi ------------ ------------ ------------ Champlain
Corner Brook ------------ ------------ ------------ Caribou [1953-1958]
Edmonton Edmonton Half-Company Edmonton Division Nonsuch Nonsuch
Halifax Halifax Half-Company Halifax Division Haligonian [1943-1946] ------------
  ------------ ------------ ------------ Scotian
  ------------ ------------ ------------ Patriot [1956-1966]1
Hamilton Hamilton Half-Company Hamilton Division Star Star
Kingston ------------ Kingston Division Cataraqui Cataraqui
London ------------ London Division Prevost Prevost
Montréal ------------ Cartier Division Cartier [1941-1945]2 ------------
  ------------ ------------ Donnacona Donnacona
  Montreal Company Montreal Division Montreal [1941-1943]3 ------------
Ottawa Ottawa Half-Company Ottawa Division Carleton Carleton
Prince Rupert Prince Rupert Half-Company Prince Rupert Division Chatham Chatham [1942-1964]
Regina Regina Half-Company Regina Division Queen Queen
Rimouski ------------ ------------ ------------ D’Iberville
Saint John Saint John Half-Company Saint John Division Brunswicker Brunswicker
Saskatoon Saskatoon Half-Company Saskatoon Division Unicorn Unicorn
Sept-Îles ------------ ------------ ------------ Jolliet
Thunder Bay (Port Arthur) ------------ Port Arthur Division Griffon Griffon
Toronto Toronto Company Toronto Division York York
Trois-Rivières ------------ ------------ ------------- Radisson
Vancouver Vancouver Half-Company Vancouver Division Discovery Discovery
Victoria ------------ ------------- Malahat Malahat
Ville de Québec Quebec Half-Company Quebec Division Montcalm Montcalm
Windsor ------------ Windsor Division Hunter Hunter
Winnipeg Winnipeg Company Winnipeg Division Chippawa Chippawa

1. Headquarters for the Commanding Officer Naval Divisions.

2. Amalgamated with HMCS Donnacona in 1945.

3. Renamed HMCS Donnacona in 1943.

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