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Training and resources to assist Defence Team members to better understand and respond to systemic barriers that discriminate against Indigenous, Black, People of Colour, and racialized Defence Team members. Each of us has a role to play.

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Training courses

The Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have partnered with the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI) to provide free training and professional development opportunities for all Defence Team members.

To participate:

The Canada School of Public Service offers an anti-racism series of multiple online tools, courses, videos and podcasts about systemic barriers that marginalize racialized groups in Canada, and strengthening diversity and employment equity in the workplace.

Anti-racism learning series

Additionally, search the learning catalogue using the course codes below.

Educational resources

Whether completely new to the topic of anti-racism or very aware, you can consult a collection of books, videos, articles, websites and podcasts to continue growing on your path to learning and un-learning. A list of suggested resources are provided below.


Educational videos

  1. The Anti-Racism Continuum (YouTube video)
  2. How studying privilege systems can strengthen compassion (YouTube video)
  3. Briser le code (documentary and video lexicon, in French only)
  4. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable (Ted talk)
  5. How to get serious about diversity and inclusion in the workplace (Ted talk)
  6. How diversity makes teams more innovative (Ted talk)
  7. The world needs all kinds of minds (Ted talk)


  1. Racism in Canada is ever-present, but we have a long history of denial
  2. Comment l'inclusion et la diversité peuvent améliorer votre entreprise (French only)
  3. Women of Color Progress – Guide to being an ally
  4. Gestion de la diversité, de l'équité et de l'inclusion (GÉDI) (French only)


  1. Harvard Implicit Bias Test
  2. Georgetown University's Anti-Racism Toolkit Glossary
  3. University of Waterloo's Human rights, equity and inclusion
  4. LinkedIn Learning – learn the practical skills you need to excel in your career (for example, anti-racism).
  5. LinkedIn Learning – learn the practical skills you need to excel in your career (for example, diversity, inclusion and belonging).
  6. Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion // Centre canadien pour la diversité et l'inclusion - Centre that traces how people identify alongside demographic trends within the Canadian workplace to move employers from diversity to inclusion
  7. Government of Canada Diversity and Inclusion Conference Web Resources - Web Resources Focused on Anti-Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion
  8. Statistics Canada: Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion Statistics - Statistics covering the population of Canada from children and youth to the various employment seeking groups
  9. Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat: Centre on Diversity and Inclusion - Centre dedicated to the barriers and challenges to achieving a diverse and inclusive workforce


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