Global Skills Strategy

Canada’s Global Skills Strategy makes it easier for Canadian businesses to attract the talent they need to succeed in the global marketplace.

Whether recruiting professionals from around the world to train Canadian workers, or working with employers planning job-creating investments in Canada, the Global Skills Strategy provides businesses in Canada with a faster way to bring in global talent in order to scale-up and grow—creating better jobs for more Canadians.


Hire Global Talent

The Global Talent Stream of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program provides innovative firms in Canada with a faster way to hire the highly skilled foreign talent they need when Canadians or permanent residents are not available.

Global Talent Stream – eligibility requirements

Check the program requirements for the Global Talent Stream to see how you can benefit from this new stream.

Global Talent occupations list

For firms in Canada needing to fill in-demand, highly skilled positions, find out which jobs are eligible for the Global Talent Stream (Category B).

Designated referral partners for Employment and Social Development Canada

Does your business need to hire unique and specialized foreign nationals in order to scale up and grow? See a list of our designated partners that can refer Canadian businesses to the Global Talent Stream (Category A).

Two-week processing for high-skilled workers

Get two-week processing of your work permit application, as well as temporary resident visa/electronic travel authorization if necessary.

Information for employers

Learn about Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s dedicated service channel and how to support workers seeking two-week application processing or a short-term work permit exemption.

Referral partners for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s dedicated service channel

Find the governmental and non-profit private sector organizations that may refer employers to IRCC’s dedicated service channel.

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