Employment Equity Achievement Awards

Application period

Current status: Closed

The application period is now closed for the 2024 Employment Equity Achievement Awards.

Awards overview

The Employment Equity Achievement Awards (EEAA) recognize the following employers for their outstanding achievement in implementing employment equity in their workplaces:

Employment equity focuses on the following 4 designated groups:

Selected employers and champion(s) will be:

Awards are given in the following 5 categories:

Outstanding Commitment to Employment Equity award

This award recognizes employers who have demonstrated outstanding commitment in implementing their employment equity plans by:

  • instituting measures to remove employment barriers
  • adopting special measures and/or accommodations to correct underrepresentation of persons of designated groups
  • establishing positive policies and practices to create an environment that supports a diverse workforce
Innovation award

This award recognizes employers who have been innovative in the implementation of employment equity. This may include creativity in:

  • design and implementation of measures aimed at removing employment barriers
  • adoption of special measures and/or accommodations
  • establishment of positive policies or practices
  • forward-thinking human resources practices
  • development of new or unique initiatives
Sector distinction award

This award recognizes employers who are inspirational role models in their sector. These employers demonstrated a strong commitment and achieved success in implementing employment equity in their own organizations. They also championed employment equity for the sector.

Employment Equity Champion award

This award recognizes an executive or executive team of an employer for their proven record of championing employment equity within their organization. The award also recognizes recipients' overall contribution to diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace.

Indigenous Reconciliation award

In the spirit of reconciliation, we are announcing a new award this year, the Indigenous Reconciliation award.

This award recognizes employers who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples. This may include:

  • outreach and partnerships with local Indigenous communities
  • innovative approaches to Indigenous recruitment
  • employee training programs on Indigenous reconciliation
  • supporting engagement with Indigenous communities and stakeholders on employment equity

Eligibility and how to submit an application

All employers subject to the Legislated Employment Equity Program (LEEP) or the Federal Contractors Program (FCP) are eligible to receive an award. The Labour Program sent an email notification to all active LEEP and FCP employers inviting them to participate by completing and submitting the application form.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the application form and/or process, please email us.

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