Labour Funding Program: Occupational Health and Safety stream - Evaluation report

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In 2013 to 2014, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) began to receive grants from the Government of Canada for a five year period ($135,000 in total) to support sharing knowledge and projects to harmonise occupational health and safety systems across Canadian jurisdictions.

In 2015 to 2016, a one-time only grant in the amount of about $175,000 was provided to support a project undertaken by Parachute Leaders in Injury Prevention. The project aimed to provide research that would identify and address occupational health and safety issues specific to young workers.

This evaluation covered the period of April 2012 through March 2016.

Evaluation results

  • CSA supported the accessibility of standards through the View Access website, which allows users to view Canadian Standards Association Occupational Health and Safety standards online at no cost.
  • As of 2015, 10 out of 12 CSA labour standards projects had been completed and made available to the public.
  • The “Young Workers’ Injury Prevention Interventions in Canada” project produced an analysis of the factors that may impact youth injuries in workplaces (for example environment, training and experience), an environmental scan of youth injury prevention strategies, and a literature review of metrics that could be used to measure youth injury prevention strategies.


The CSA project has contributed to building and sharing knowledge on the provisions of employee’s accidents and illness. The grant for young workers has built knowledge on the different factors that should be considered to increase health and safety, not only for young workers, but for all new workers.

There are no recommendations for this stream of the program; however, future research may want to examine the effects of the CSA project, once it has been completed.

The Evaluation of the Labour Funding Program: International Trade and Labour Stream and Occupational Health and Safety Stream, Interim Report is available now.

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