2012-2017 Evaluation of the Canada-Prince Edward Island Labour Market Development Agreement Summary

Labour Market Development Agreement

  • $23.3M is invested annually to help unemployed EI eligible individuals in Prince Edward Island find and maintain employment.
  • Prince Edward Island designs and delivers programs and services similar to Employment Benefits and Support Measures.
  • Examined programs and services include Training PEI, Training PEI-Apprentices, Employ PEI, Self-Employ PEI, WorkExperience PEI and Employment Assistance Services.
Program/Service Number of new interventions
2015 to 2016
Total expenditure
2015 to 2016
Training PEI – Apprentices 310 $14,307,000
Training PEI 1,105
Employment Assistance Services 6,271 $4,314,000
Employ PEI 556 $2,536,000
Self-employ PEI 138 $1,583,000
Work experience PEI 22 $393,000

Key Results

  • Improved the labour market attachment of participants (compared to non-participants)
  • Reduced dependence on Employment Insurance and Social Assistance
  • Providing Employment Assistance Services early during unemployment produced larger impacts
  • Social benefits of participation exceeded costs of investments for most interventions

Evaluation reports are available on Employment and Social Development Canada’s website.

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