Backgrounder: More Canadian workers to benefit from the green economy 


More than $143.8 million in funding under the Sectoral Workforce Solutions Program’s Green Economy Stream will be allocated to nine organizations for national projects

Organization: Environmental Careers Organization Canada (ECO Canada)
Project name: Unlocking Canada’s Green Potential: Diverse Talent to Accelerate Clean Economic Growth
Description: The project will deliver a series of online tools, training and leadership courses, micro-credentials, certifications, mentorship opportunities and wage subsidies. The project will also promote skills assessment, training and tools to support clean economy employers, and develop justice, equity, diversity and inclusion training. It will also update labour market data, improve access and career pathways for new entrants, and recruit participants from equity-deserving groups.
Targeted sector: Natural Resources and Environment
Targeted participants: 575
Targeted employers: 850
Funding amount: $17,630,022

Organization: Energy Safety Canada
Project name:
Building a Workforce for Canada’s Energy Future
Description: This project will deliver micro-credential programs to help workers and employers integrate sustainability practices on environmental, social and governance skills into the field. It will also offer a series of modules focusing on the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, corporate governance and community engagement with Indigenous peoples.
Targeted sector: Natural Resources and Environment
Targeted participants: 1,450
Targeted employers: 300
Funding amount: $14,768,865

Organization: Canada Green Building Council
Project name: 
Building Skills for Climate Change: Low Carbon Training
Description: This project, which will run for 17 months, will develop and deliver training programs to support the decarbonization of Canada’s buildings. Training will be offered to a variety of workers involved in the building industry, including engineers, architects, contractors, owners and building operators, with an emphasis on early and mid-career individuals (namely aged 20 to 40).
Targeted sector: Construction
Targeted participants: 3,000
Targeted employers: 100 
Funding amount: $7,896,192

Organization: Canadian Skills Training and Employment Coalition
Project name:
 FOCAL: Solutions to Workforce Challenges and Industry Transitions 
Description: This project will support the shift to the production of electric vehicles and equipment to reduce manufacturing plant emissions. It will also support the broader automotive sector and its suppliers, including steel, to meet current and future workforce needs as the sector transitions to the production of electric vehicles, equipment that reduces plant emissions, and other manufacturing processes that contribute to the reduction of Canada’s carbon footprint.
Targeted sector: Manufacturing
Targeted participants: 1,510
Targeted employers: 250 
Funding amount: $8,104,907

Organization: Electricity Human Resources Canada
Project name: Growing an Agile Workforce for a Low Carbon Future 
Description: This project will conduct Labour Market Information research and develop a digital labour market future-forecasting tool to better prepare workers and employers in the electricity and renewable energy sector, with a focus on diversity and inclusion. In addition, the organization will develop and implement a micro-accreditation program, develop national training standards for three to five renewable occupations. It will also provide funding to organizations to hire and/or train workers transitioning to the electricity sector through wage subsidies and three to five pre-orientation trades programs.
Targeted sector: Natural Resources and Environment
Targeted participants: 520
Targeted employers: 100 
Funding amount: $11,810,479

Organization: Iron and Earth
Project name:
 Resilient communities empowering worker transitions 
Description: This project, which will run for 16 months, will deliver a series of training programs to create innovative training opportunities in the area of renewable energy. Through industry-specific training, learning sessions, career supports and more, participants will learn new techniques on how to apply sustainable practices into renewable energy designs and energy modeling.
Targeted sector: Natural Resources and Environment
Targeted participants: 3,655 
Targeted employers: 0 
Funding amount: $16,658,302

Organization: The Mining Industry Human Resources Council
Project name
: Mining Sector Skills and Solutions Strategy for the Clean Economy 
Description: This project will undertake a national, collaborative, multi-stakeholder initiative to attract, recruit and develop a diverse, skilled and safe Canadian mining workforce. It will focus on providing creative solutions for Canada’s mining labour market by providing timely and responsive labour market information. Programs will also raise awareness of equity, diversity and inclusion topics of intercultural awareness, Indigenous awareness and gender equity.
Targeted sector: Natural Resources and Environment                 
Targeted participants: 2,865
Targeted employers: 20
Funding amount: $15,437,147

Organization: Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, on behalf of the Canadian Colleges for a Resilient Recovery
Project name:
 Demand Driven Workforce Training Solutions for a Clean Economy
Description: This project will provide participants with access to fully funded micro-credentials to help increase their skills and competencies. Specifically, the training offered will help address workforce needs in the agriculture, clean tech, construction, natural resources, environment and transportation sectors through 80 micro-credential courses. Additionally, it will reduce employment barriers for under-represented groups.
Targeted sector: Natural Resources and Environment, Clean Tech, Agriculture, Construction and Transportation
Targeted participants: 10,000
Targeted employers: over 500 
Funding amount: $46,500,000

Organization: TREC Charitable Foundation (Relay Education)
Project name:
 Clean Tech Training for Indigenous and Urban Community Members 
Description: This project will develop work-integrated learning workshops across Canada in the areas of solar installation and operations, vertical farming/greenhouse, wind energy and geographic information system mapping for renewable energy. Workshops will target equity-deserving groups and address specific industry needs in clean technology, clean energy, agriculture and natural resources.
Targeted sector: Natural Resources and Environment, Agriculture and Agri-Food
Targeted participants: 720               
Targeted employers: 0 
Funding amount: $4,974,470

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