Summary – Consultation on accessibility of information and communication technologies

What are information and communication technologies

Information and communication technologies (ICT) covers all the things we use to communicate and do business in the digital world. Some examples of ICT are:

What are ICT barriers

A barrier is anything that prevents persons with disabilities from fully and equally participating in Canadian society.

ICT barriers can make it difficult or impossible for some persons with disabilities to do everyday tasks, like:

ICT barriers can also prevent people from accessing and using from services and programs.

What would ICT accessibility regulations do

Accessibility regulations would deal with removing barriers and improving accessibility. This will be the next set of regulations developed under the Accessible Canada Act (ACA).

Share your views with us

First, read the information below and have a look at the key question.

Next, send us your responses to the key questions, as well as any other comments.

Discussion on ICT accessibility: key questions

ICT barriers

ICT barriers prevent people from using technology or digital content in ways that work best for them.

Some of the major ICT accessibility barriers include:

Key questions
  1. What are the ICT barriers that affect your life the most?
  2. What are the ICT areas we should prioritise for action? For example, websites, web forms, software, hardware like ATMs, mobile devices

ICT accessibility standards

A standard describes the best way to do something. It could be about making a product, managing a process, delivering a service or supplying materials. ICT accessibility standards say how to make ICT products and services accessible for persons with disabilities.

Three important ICT accessibility standards are:

Key questions
  1. Have you designed your ICT products or services using an international ICT accessibility standard, guideline or regulation? Or, are you planning to follow a standard?
  2. What are the major barriers or concerns preventing you from following any accessible ICT standard or regulation?

How to send your feedback

Send us your responses to the key questions, as well as any other comments, in one of these ways:

Deadline for providing your feedback

The deadline to provide responses is January 31, 2023.

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