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13.0 Trailer Record

Record type "999" is the last record in every file sent to or by the CDSP system.

NOTE: If a type "999" record is rejected, the file is rejected and a record of the error is written into the Error File ( filename.err ).

PURPOSE: To provide the CDSP system and the issuer systems with a control count of the number of records in a file.

REQUIREMENTS: The type "999" record must be the last record in each file and contain an accurate control count or the file is rejected.

13.1 Record Type "999" - Trailer Record

Record Type "999"
Data Element Name Type Size Trxn Posn Description Notes
Record Type X(3) 1-3 "999" – Trailer Record  
Authorized Agent BN X(15) 4-18    
Date X(8) 19-26 Date file sent to the CDSP system if file sent by authorized agent. Date of transaction processing if file sent by the CDSP system. YYYYMMDD
File number 9(2) 27-28 Range 01-99  
Record Count 9(9) 29-37 Total number of records in the file. (Total transactions in file including header, sub-header, and trailer record counts.)  
Filler X(463) 38-500    

13.2 Record Type "999" - Validation Rules

The Trailer Record, type "999", is validated and error codes are generated for failures as outlined in the following table and notes:

Type "999" Validation Rules
Field Rule Error Code(s)
Record Type The trailer record is mandatory. 8010
The type "999" record must be the last record in the file. 8011
No other record may be type "999". 8009
Authorized Agent BN Not validated.  
Date Sent Not validated.  
File number Not validated.  
Record Count Mandatory field. 8104
Must correspond with record count. 8008
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