Interface Transaction Standards : Appendixes

Disclaimer: RDSP issuers

The information contained on this page is technical in nature and is intended for Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP), Canada Disability Savings Grant (grant) and Canada Disability Savings Bond (bond) issuers. For general information, visit the RDSP section.

Consult this page frequently for newer versions. The following laws and regulations take precedence over information contained in InfoCapsules in the event of discrepancies:

  • Income Tax Act
  • Canada Disability Savings Act
  • Canada Disability Savings Regulations

14.0 Appendix A – Standard Code Tables

This section contains lists of codes used by the CDSP system.

14.1 Severe Error Codes

Severe error files advise the authorized agent that a severe error is present in a transaction, that the record is rejected and must be corrected and resubmitted.

RT 851 Severe Errors
1 Duplicate issuer transaction number
2 Invalid record type/transaction type
3 Issuer transaction number not provided
4 Issuer BN is not 15 characters

14.2 Transaction Error Codes

Transaction error codes are used to identify errors or discrepancies found in processing the various record types. Error codes are common across all transaction types, so that the same error generates the same code for all transaction record types.

Transaction Error Codes
RT 801 Errors
8000 Physical file name does not correspond to file name in header record.
8001 Incorrect format of physical file name.
8002 Duplicate record with same file name found in the database.
8003 Header record not the first record in the file.
8004 No header record.
8005 Too many header records in file.
8006 This BN is not authorized to send files or is not associated to a specimen plan.
8007 The data version in header does not match the current version of the ITS.
8008 Record count does not match the number of records in file.
8009 Too many trailer records in file.
8010 No trailer records in file.
8011 Trailer record not last in file.
8012 Program identifier must be "CDSP".
8013 The transactions latest month must be on or before the current month.
8100 Invalid date.
8101 Invalid value.
8102 Is not identified in the CDSP system.
8104 Data is missing from field.
8105 Invalid SIN.
8106 Amount must be greater than zero.
8108 Amount must be greater than or equal to $0.
8109 Amount must be greater than or equal to $1.00.
8110 Sum of reported amounts must be greater than $0.
8111 Grant must have been previously paid.
8112 Bond must have been previously paid.
8113 Date must be on or after July 1st, 2011.
8200 Date must be on or after December 1st, 2008.
8201 Date is of a future reporting period.
8203 Date must be on or after beneficiary's date of birth.
8204 Date must be on or before December 31st of the year in which the beneficiary turns 49.
8205 Late transaction. (Discontinued)
8206 Date must be on or after contract signature date.
8207 Date must be within issuer approval dates.
8208 Must be on or after the bond request date.
8220 Specimen plan must be valid.
8221 Authorized agent not authorized to send data for the specimen plan.
8222 Specimen plan must be associated with the issuer.
8230 Contract must not already be a contract that is Registered, Closed, De-registered or Nullified.
8231 The beneficiary must not already have a Pending, Registered or De-registered contract.
8232 Contract registration information must be received within 60 days of contract signature date. (Discontinued)
8233 The contract signature date cannot change once a contract status is Pending.
8234 The other contract must be associated with the beneficiary and other specimen plan and must be Pending, Registered, De-registered or Closed.
8235 Contract is not currently associated to the specimen plan.
8236 Contract is not currently associated to the beneficiary.
8237 Contract must be currently associated to the holder.
8238 Contract registration transaction is missing a component.
8239 Duplicate contract registration in the same period.
8240 Only one contract registration request for the beneficiary in a given period is permitted.
8241 Contract must currently have a status of 'Registered'.
8242 Must be the same as reported on the original contribution.
8243 Grant requested may only change from 'No' to 'Yes'.
8244 Must be on or after the Original contribution date.
8245 Contract already exists in CDSP system.
8246 Contract must already be a contract that is Registered, Deregistered or Pending.
8247 Contract must already be a contract that is Registered, Closed, or Pending.
8248 Contract is already associated to the holder.
8249 Cannot remove last holder on the contract.
8250 The SIN or BN is not numerically valid.
8251 Beneficiary year of birth cannot be modified.
8252 Contract already associated to another beneficiary SIN.
8253 There must not already be a contract awaiting transfer in the CDSP system for the beneficiary.
8254 Conflicting contract transactions pertaining to the same contract received in the period.
8255 Contract must not be nullified.
8256 Contract is not associated to the specimen plan.
8258 The original transaction must not have been reversed.
8259 There must not be more than one reversal for the same transaction within the current processing period.
8260 Contract must have a status of Closed or Registered.
8261 The other contract and specimen plan cannot change once a transfer has been successfully resolved.
8262 Specimen plan must be designated by CRA to accept rollovers.
8263 Must be within the date range the specimen plan is designated by CRA to accept rollovers.
8264 Must be greater than the last consent transaction date submitted.
8265 Must not exist as a holder on any contract of the reported beneficiary.
8266 Must already be recorded as consent for the beneficiary.
8267 Must not be an active holder on the current beneficiary contract.
8268 Beneficiary cannot revoke consent.
8300 Date is earlier than original transaction date.
8301 Error in original transaction, current transaction cannot be processed.
8303 Unable to locate the original transaction.
8305 Original transaction must have been designated as the active request.
8306 Another stop bond has already been requested for the original transaction.
8307 A more recent correction transaction is already associated to the contribution.
8308 Original transaction and its reversal were found in the same processing period.
8309 Date must be on or after Certification Date.
8310 Beneficiary must not be DTC ineligible for 5 consecutive years on or after the contract signature year and before the year of election request processing.
8311 Episodic DTC election period must not overlap with an existing Episodic DTC election period for the same contract.
8312 Must be on or after January 1, 2014.

14.3 Refusal Reasons

Refusal reasons explain why a successfully processed contribution or bond request transaction did not receive grant or bond payment. Refusal reasons are found in transaction position 66-67 in the 901 record type.

Refusal Reasons
RT 901 Grant and Bond Refusal Reason
01 Maximum Current Entitlement of grant/bond paid.
02 Lifetime Contribution Limit Exceeded.
03 Lifetime Limit exceeded.
04 Age of beneficiary.
05 Specimen plan not valid.
06 No grant requested.
07 Late Transaction.(Discontinued)
08 SIN not usable.
09 Discontinued
10 Invalid beneficiary SIN.
11 Discontinued
12 Discontinued
13 Discontinued
14 Discontinued
15 Discontinued
16 Discontinued.
17 Discontinued.
18 Discontinued.
19 Contract not registered.
20 Discontinued
21 Last bond payment under this application – new 18+ bond request required.
22 Bond request is not/no longer designated to attract bond for the beneficiary.
23 Original contribution reported Late. (Discontinued)
24 Contract status conditions for adjustment of payment not met.
25 Ineligible beneficiary in previous year(s). (Discontinued)
26 Bond resubmission date is not within issuer approval dates.
27 Contribution Date on or before DAP/LDAP. (Discontinued)
28 Bond Request Date received on or before DAP/LDAP. (Discontinued)
29 Beneficiary is a non resident.
30 Beneficiary DTC eligibility not confirmed.
32 Beneficiary DTC eligibility not confirmed for two or more consecutive non-election years.
33 Beneficiary DTC eligibility not confirmed for five or more consecutive years.
99 Other.

14.4 Rollover Issues

A rollover issue explains that a problem exists in a successfully processed Retirement Savings or Education Savings Rollover transaction which requires the attention of the authorized agent/issuer. Rollover issues are found in transaction positions 66-67 in the 901 record type.

RT 901 Retirement Savings or Education Savings Rollover Issue
90 Contract Status not Registered.
91 Age of beneficiary.
92 Lifetime Contribution Limit Exceeded.
93 SIN not usable.
94 Beneficiary is a non resident.
95 Beneficiary DTC eligibility not confirmed.
96 Rollover is made during an Episodic DTC Election Period.

14.5 Province Codes

Province codes are based on the Canada Post Standard.

Province Codes
Code Canadian Province
AB Alberta
BC British Columbia
MB Manitoba
NB New Brunswick
NL Newfoundland and Labrador
NS Nova Scotia
NT Northwest Territories
NU Nunavut
ON Ontario
PE Prince Edward Island
QC Quebec
SK Saskatchewan
YT Yukon

15.0 Appendix B – ISO-8859-1 Latin 1 Character Set

Note: The CDSP system allows the New Line (NL) character, decimal value 10, and Carriage Return (CR) character, decimal value 13. All other characters must fall between decimal values 32 and 255. Other characters between 0 and 31 inclusive are not used.

16.0 Appendix C – SIN/BN Validation

SIR Validation

Authorized agents must confirm with the holders of the contract that the basic information provided by the holder is exactly the same as the information recorded in the SIR. Confirmation can be made by referring to the beneficiary's SIN card.

The beneficiary and holder SINs are electronically validated against the ESDC SIR database in the following manner:

  • Every beneficiary and holder contract registration transaction is validated with the ESDC SIR to ensure that the SIN, Given Name, Surname, Birth Date and Sex reported on the transaction correspond with the SIR. If SIR reports that the information provided in the transaction does not match the records in the SIR, then the CDSP system will reject the transaction and report the error to the issuer in the Error File. The SIR verification is performed as part of the validation of each contract registration transaction received.

In 2003 the SIR implemented new regulations to enhance SIN integrity CDS Nine Hundred series (900-series) SINs are assigned to people who are neither Canadian citizens nor permanent residents. Under the 2003 SIR Regulations, a 900-series SIN will receive an expiry date correlated with the person’s authorized stay in Canada : 900-series SINs without an expiry date became invalid as of April 03, 2004. As a result, all SINs included on 101-02 and 101-03 records will be sent to SIR for validation including scrutiny for a status of fraudulent, expired, cancelled or deceased. In addition to the increased scrutiny for new beneficiary and holder transactions, all beneficiary and holder SINs in the CDSP system database will be sent to SIR on a monthly basis for validation. A beneficiary or holder SIN returned from SIR with a ‘not useable’ flag will result in a ‘not useable’ status in the CDSP system and a suspension of grant and/or bond payments until the issue is resolved.

The SIR has asked ESDC to inform all SIN users that the misuse of a SIN number is a federal offence under the Employment Insurance (EI) legislation.

17.0 APPENDIX D - DAP/LDAP Formulas

Non Taxable Portion Of the DAP/LDAP Formula

The non taxable portion of a DAP/LDAP payment is the lesser of the DAP amount and the result of the following equation:

A X B/C where:

  • A is the amount of the DAP/LDAP.
  • B is the total by which all contributions to date to this RDSP and the beneficiary's prior RDSP(s) exceeds the total of the non-taxable portions of all previous disability payments from this RDSP and the beneficiary's prior RDSP(s).
  • C is the amount by which the fair market value of the property held by the RDSP immediately before the payment exceeds the assistance holdback amount.

CDS Grant Portion Of the DAP/LDAP Formula

The grant portion of a DAP/LDAP payment is calculated as:

A X B/C where:

  • A is the amount of the DAP/LDAP.
  • B is the amount of grant in the RDSP account minus all grant that is part of the assistance holdback amount at that particular time.
  • C is the amount by which the fair market value of the property held by the plan trust immediately before the payment exceeds the assistance holdback amount in relation to the plan.

CDS Bond Portion Of the DAP/LDAP Formula

The bond portion of a DAP/LDAP payment is calculated as:

A X B/C where:

  • A is the amount of the DAP/LDAP.
  • B is the amount of bond in the RDSP account minus all bond that is part of the assistance holdback amount at that particular time.
  • C is the amount by which the fair market value of the property held by the plan trust immediately before the payment exceeds the assistance holdback amount in relation to the plan.

18.0 Appendix E - Abbreviations, Acronyms and Definitions


Assistance Holdback Amount

An Assistance Holdback Amount refers to the grant and bond paid into an RDSP within the preceding 10 years from an event date minus any amount of grant or bond repaid to the Minister during that period.
An Assistance Holdback Amount is re-paid to the Government of Canada when a plan is terminated or ceases to be registered under the ITA, a Disability Assistance Payment (DAP) or a Lifetime Disability Assistance Payment (LDAP) is paid or the date on which the beneficiary dies.

Authorized Agent
Organization conveying information electronically to the CDSP system and receiving grant and bond payments from the CDSP system. This organization must be the issuer of the RDSP as approved by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), or an administrative agent for the RDSP issuer.


An individual who is eligible for the Disability Tax Credit (DTC) and is a Canadian resident, and for whom a DAP/LDAP will be paid.
Business Number – (BN)
A unique business and/or organization identifier consisting of a 15 character alphanumeric code. This BN is assigned by CRA for the purposes of information exchanges between businesses/organizations and CRA.


Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB)
A tax-free monthly payment made to eligible families to help them with the cost of raising children under age 18. The CCTB may include the:
  • National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS)
  • Child Disability Benefit (CDB)
Canada Disability Savings Bonds (Bond)
A bond of up to $1,000 can be paid annually to a Registered Disability Savings Plan where net family income does not exceed a certain income level set by ESDC.
No contribution is required by families to receive the bond; however a request for the bond must be made.
Canada Disability Savings Grant (Grant)
A grant of up to $3,500 can be paid on eligible contributions made to a Registered Disability Savings Plan by a holder or other authorized contributor.
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
The federal government agency responsible for the administration of the rules and regulations related to Registered Disability Savings Plans as set out in the Income Tax Act.
CRA - Benefit Programs Directorate (BPD)
The Benefit Programs Directorate is responsible for the administration of the Disability Tax Credit (disability amount) along with a variety of different benefits including the Canada Child Tax Benefit program.
CRA - Registered Plans Directorate (RPD)
The area responsible for all program activities related to the provisions of the Income Tax Act for the registering and monitoring of disability savings plans.
Canada Disability Saving Act (CDSA)
The legislation that authorizes payment of the Canada Disability Saving Grant and Bond.
Canadian Resident
A beneficiary who is considered a resident of Canada under the Income Tax Act for the purpose of administrating the RDSP.
Child Disability Benefit (CDB)
A tax-free benefit for families who care for a child under age 18 with a severe and prolonged impairment in mental or physical functions.
In the context of Registered Disability Savings Plans means the "qualifying person" as defined in 146.4 (1) of the Income Tax Act , expressly allowing the department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, access to the personal information of the "qualifying person" in order to establish eligibility and entitlement criteria for a particular beneficiary.
Amount of money deposited into an RDSP by a holder or contributor on behalf of a beneficiary.
A holder or a person having written authorization from the holder, who makes a contribution to an RDSP.
Curator (Public)
In Civil law – the person who is appointed by the court to have the care of either a minor or a person who is legally incompetent (to be defined by provincial law) for the administration of his estate.


De-registration of a contract occurs when the registration conditions of the Income Tax Act are no longer met. CRA informs ESDC if an RDSP is no longer registered.
Disability Assistance Payment (DAP)
An ad hoc payment made to the beneficiary. When a DAP is made, the Assistance Holdback Amount is returned to the Government of Canada.
Disability Tax Credit (DTC)
A non-refundable tax credit that a person with a qualifying impairment can claim to reduce the amount of income tax he or she has to pay in a year.


The increase in value in an RDSP not including contributions, grant or bond. In the event of a return of grant and/or bond, earnings remain in the RDSP.


An individual appointed by the courts who is authorized to make legal and financial decisions for another individual.


An individual who enters into an RDSP contract with an issuer and names one beneficiary for whom DAPs/LDAPs will be paid.


Trust Companies that have been approved by CRA and ESDC to administer RDSPs.
Issuer Agreement
An agreement between ESDC and issuers authorizing them to administer the grant and bond.


Lifetime Disability Assistance Payment (LDAP)
A payment made to a beneficiary that is made at least annually which continues until the RDSP is closed.


Office for Disability Issues (ODI)
The Office for Disability Issues is a focal point within the Government of Canada for key partners working to promote the full participation of Canadians with disabilities in learning, work and community life.


Public department, Agency, Institution
Any public entity that is charged with the care of a minor or someone of limited capacity. Can be a Ministry of Social Services, the Children's Aid Society or a Regional Mental Health Hospital.


Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)
A plan that allows funds to be invested tax-free until withdrawal. It is intended to help parents and others save for the long-term financial security of persons with a disability. An RDSP may also attract a grant and/or bond.
Education Savings Rollover
A tax-deferred transfer to an RDSP of investment income earned in the beneficiary's Registered Education Savings Plan.
Retirement Savings Rollover
A tax-deferred transfer to an RDSP of certain amounts received from a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP), registered retirement income fund (RRIF), registered pension plan (RPP), specified pension plan (SPP) or pooled registered pension plan (PRPP) as a consequence of the death of the RRSP or RRIF annuitant or RPP member.


Service Provider
An organization that provides a service, on behalf of a financial organization, to compile and submit electronic transaction information to the CDSP system.
Social Insurance Registry (SIR)
The division within the Integrity Services Branch of Service Canada that administers SIN information.
Specimen Plan
Draft of the documents that an issuer will market to their clients. A specimen plan must be approved by the CRA Registered Plans Directorate as a condition of registration.


Process of moving RDSP assets from one contract to another or from one issuer to another. This process is performed at the request of the holder on behalf of the same beneficiary.
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