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8.0 Transaction Processing File

Each transaction processed successfully by the CDSP system is acknowledged by a type "901" transaction.

The transaction processing file consists of:

  • A header record - type "001".
  • One or more sub-header records - type "002".
  • One or more file processed records - type "003".
  • A series of transaction processing records - type "901".
  • A trailer record - type "999".

PURPOSE: To create a list of transaction details for each authorized agent.


Record Type "901"
Data Element Name Type Size Trxn Posn Description Notes
Record Type X(3) 1-3

"901" - Financial Transaction, non-Financial Transaction.

Issuer BN X(15) 4-18

BN of the current issuer of the specimen plan.

Transaction Number X(15) 19-33

As reported by the issuer
As assigned by CDSP system when transaction is initiated by the CDSP system.

Grant Amount 9(9).99 34-45

Gives the amount by which the grant balance changed due to successful processing of a financial transaction.

Zero filled for no grant change or non-financial transaction.
Bond Amount 9(9).99 46-57

Gives the amount by which the bond balance changed due to successful processing of a financial transaction.

Zero filled for no bond change or non-financial transaction.
Date of Payment X(8) 58-65

Date the CDSP system paid the grant or bond.

Date that is to be used to determine AHA.
Refusal Reason or Retirement Savings, Education Savings Rollover Issue X(2) 66-67

Indicates a Retirement Savings or Education Savings Rollover Issue or why full grant or bond not paid.

See Appendix A.

Blank if not a full contribution, bond request or RDSP rollover.
Transaction Origin X(2) 68-69

Indicates origin of transaction:
'01' - Issuer Initiated
'02' - Re-adjudication
'03' - CDSP system initiated
'04' - Re-adjudication due to CRA-BPD reassessment
'05' - Annual bond submission
'06' - Inactive bond request
'07' - Re-adjudication due to CRA-RPD update
'08' - Re-adjudication due to contract closure - transfer completed
'09' - Re-adjudication due to contract registration
'10' - Reversal due to failure of contract registration - contract nullified
'11' - Reversal due to CRA-BPD reassessment - contract nullified
'12' - Reversal due to CRA-RPD update - contract nullified
'13' - Re-adjudication due to rollover reversal
'14' - Re-adjudication due to New Consent
'16' - Re-adjudication due to Episodic DTC Election

See Note at end of table.
Original Issuer BN X(15) 70-84

Issuer BN under which the issuer transaction number was reported.

Payment Requisitioned X(1) 85-85

Indicates whether Payment Amount is affected.
'Y' - Yes
'N' - No

Specimen Plan X(7) 86-92    
Filler X(3) 93-95


Contract Number X(15) 96-110


CDSP system Date X(8) 111-118

Date on which the CDSP system initiated a transaction or notification.

Blank if Transaction Origin <> '03' or '05'.
CDSP system SIN X(9) 119-127

CDSP system beneficiary SIN.

Blank if Transaction Origin <> '03'.

NOTE: Occasions may arise where the CDSP system will create a transaction for processing and report the results back to an issuer. In the event that it does happen, the CDSP system will indicate the type of transaction in the transaction origin field as "CDSP system initiated".

8.1 Type "901" Validation Rules

Record type "901" is generated by the CDSP system, validation rules are not applicable.

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