Authentication of a primary officer located outside of Canada

To validate the identity of a primary officer, the individual responsible for the ROE Web account, located outside of Canada, a signed letter from a certified professional is needed. A certified professional is considered to be 1 of the following:

Note: The certified professional verifying the identity documents and the user who wishes to become the primary officer cannot be the same person.

There are 3 steps in completing this process.

  1. The certified professional must authenticate and validate the identity of the primary officer who will administer the ROE Web account on behalf of their business. He or she must verify the expiry date and ensure that the photo is a true likeness of the user. The following are the acceptable identification documents:
    • a valid passport, or
    • 2 of the following where 1 document has a photo ID:
      • valid driver’s license
      • birth certificate
      • certification of registration of birth
      • permanent resident card
      • certificate of citizenship
      • certificate of naturalization
      • certificate of registration of birth abroad
  2. The certified professional will write a letter that is clear and legible and contains the following:
    • the attestation: "I hereby certify that I have validated the identification of the user with a valid passport or two pieces of valid identification including one piece that contained a photo, and I certify that it to be a true likeness of the user. I also certify that all identification documents used are original and have not been altered in any way."
    • the date when the validation took place
    • the signature, name, professional designation (CPA , CHRP , CPM or similar designation) and official position of the individual who certified the document, and
    • the first name, last name and user reference number of the ROE Web user who wishes to become the primary officer

    The certified professional will sign the letter. For privacy purposes, the certified professional is not required to send copies of the documents used to authenticate and validate the identity of the primary officer to Service Canada.

  3. To complete the process, the certified professional will scan and submit the completed letter by email to Service Canada:

The information will be processed within 10 business days.

To finalize the registration process, visit the Register for ROE Web page, then follow:

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