Register for record of employment on the Web (ROE Web)

Steps to register for record of employment on the Web (ROE Web)

You can register for ROE Web online. If you issue ROEs for your business or on behalf of another business, follow these steps to register for ROE Web.

  1. Sign-in to ROE Web through a Sign-In Partner or a GCKey.
  2. Create your professional profile which includes your name and contact information. You will be provided with a user reference number which will be confirmed by email.
  3. Create the profile of the organization for which you want to issue ROEs and validate the organization by providing the organization's Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) business number.
  4. Validate and authenticate your identity online through CRA. You will be temporarily re-directed to the CRA website to either register for or log in to CRA My Account. If you have not already registered for the CRA My Account, the registration process could take 5 to10 business days, after which time you will be required to sign back in to ROE Web to finalize the authentication process. Identity validation can also be done in person. Make note of your user reference number and visit your nearest Service Canada Centre with two acceptable pieces of identification. Please note the CRA My Account service is available 21 hours a day. The service is not available 24 hours a day due to daily maintenance activities. If you are an employer with payroll functions outside of Canada, there is an alternate method of validating the identity of a primary officer where ‘in-person’ or ‘online’ validation is not feasible.
  5. Enter your authorization code to confirm your authority to act as Primary Officer on behalf of the organization. This code, along with your contact information and instructions, will be mailed to the business owner or chief executive officer of your organization.
  6. Read and accept the agreement which explains the terms and conditions for using ROE Web.
  7. Start issuing electronic ROEs

To issue ROEs on behalf of another business, complete these additional steps:

  1. Complete the ROE Web Client Employer Consent Form and have it signed by the Primary Officer as well as each of your client employers. Keep a copy of this form on file, in case Service Canada asks for it.
  2. In your ROE Web Account, go to Manage CRA Businesses and add your client's CRA Business number.


It is important to activate your account within 90 days of receiving the authorization code if you want to avoid having to contact the Employer Contact Centre to extend its duration.

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