Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles  Chapter 1 - outline 3

Work sharing benefits - outline 3

Limit 1: Maximum number of weeks of work sharing benefits payable References
1.1 no maximum number fixed; benefits are payable for each week of unemployment that falls in a benefit period during which the insured person is employed in work sharing employment. EIA 24(1)(b)

EIR 42
Limit 2: Maximum period during which work sharing benefits may be paid References
2.1 during the benefit period, which may not exceed 52 weeks in length unless extended for reasons below. EIR 42
2.2 the benefit period is extended by the number of weeks (up to a maximum of 52 additional weeks) in respect of which the person was not entitled to benefit by reason of being:
  • confined in a jail;
  • in receipt of earnings paid by reason of the complete severance of the relationship with the former employer;
  • in receipt of workers' compensation payments for an injury;
  • in receipt of compensation for the withdrawal of services.
EIA 10(10)
2.3 during the extended benefit period as long as the person is employed in work sharing employment; the benefit period, including its extension, may not exceed 104 weeks in length. EIR 45

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