Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles Chapter 14 - Section 5

14.5.0 Availability

Claimants engaged in the occupation of teaching, like any other claimants, must prove they are capable of and available for work, and unable to obtain suitable employment for any working day for which they claim benefits. Teachers will not automatically be disentitled from benefits during non-teaching periods, based solely on the fact that they are only available for a teaching position. However, these claimants must be able to demonstrate that they are willing and able to immediately accept any offer of suitable employment during the non-teaching period, and that there are no restrictions that would limit their employment opportunities (CUB 74926; FCA A-686-93, CUB 23391).

The availability of the claimant must be supported by actions and evidence, as would be required of any claimant. A teacher must be willing to seek and accept any suitable, permanent or temporary work with other employers, during the non-teaching periods (EIR 9.002).

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