Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles Chapter 14 - Section 4

14.4.0 Special benefits

Claimants engaged in the occupation of teaching may be entitled to EI maternity, parental, compassionate care or family caregiver benefits during both the teaching and non-teaching periods, provided all qualifying and entitlement conditions are met for the type of benefits being claimed (EIR 33(2)).

Sickness benefits are payable during the teaching period if all entitlement conditions are met. However, sickness benefits are not payable to teachers during any non-teaching periods, unless 1 of the 3 conditions found in the regulation is met (EIR 33(2)).

Quebec Parental Insurance Plan rules specify that a person who is entitled to benefits under a provincial plan in respect of a birth or an adoption is generally disentitled from receiving EI maternity or parental benefits (EIR 76.09(1)).

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