Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles Chapter 24 - Section 1

24.1 Introduction

On January 1, 2010, the Fairness for the Self-Employed Act came into force, adding Part VII.1 to the Employment Insurance Act. Part VII.1 extends Employment Insurance (EI) special benefits (maternity, parental, sickness, compassionate care, family caregiver benefits for children and family caregiver benefits for adults) to self-employed persons who enter into an agreement (that is, register) with the Canada Employment Insurance Commission to participate in the EI benefits for the self-employed program (EIA 152.02(1)).

Regular benefits are not available for persons participating in the self-employed program.

In general, provisions for the self-employed to receive special benefits mirror those that apply to claimants with insured employment who are covered under the Employment Insurance Act Part I. However, as compared to Part I, Part VII.1 contains some variations to the provisions for special benefits, detailed in this Chapter of the Digest (EIA 152.31(1)).

[November 2023]

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