Digest of Benefit Entitlement Principles Chapter 24 - Section 14

24.14 Reconsideration, amendment of a decision, error correction and appeals

The Employment Insurance Act contains specific parameters for reconsidering a previous decision on a claim for benefits. It tells the Canada Employment Insurance Commission that it must determine the source or the issue prompting the reconsideration and, once determined, apply the legislative rules accordingly. This is also the case with respect to the receipt of an appeal.

The legislation and principles covering the issues of reconsideration, amendment of a decision and error correction are found in Chapter 17 of the Digest and apply to self-employment special benefit claimants in the same manner as for all other claimants.

However, there are no provisions in the EI Legislation to backdate the date an agreement was entered into or the date it was terminated.

[November 2023]

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