Community Outreach and Liaison Service - Support for employers

Community Outreach and Liaison Service (COLS) provides access to government programs services and benefits, specifically for:

COLS activities are offered on an as-needed basis, upon request when a specific need is identified. For example, we conduct information sessions on Government of Canada support and available services when an employer must proceed with mass layoffs or closures, after a natural disaster or in an emergency situation.

Available services for employers

Service Canada representatives who deliver COLS can:

  • answer your questions
  • help you understand and get access to services and benefits

We work with you to determine your needs, and those of your workers, to provide a tailored service.

Here are some examples of services available to employers, workers and the associations that represent them:

  • general information on the Work-Sharing Program, and the steps required to apply for the program:
    • once the agreement has been signed between the employer and Service Canada, an information session can be scheduled to learn more about the benefits available to support your employees
  • information session for workers affected by a layoff:
    • information on Employment Insurance benefits, training, careers and employment opportunities available
    • support and benefits available in response to emergency situations in the workplace (natural/environmental disaster, etc.)
  • application intake clinics for employment insurance (including Work-Sharing):
    • a Service Canada representative can come to the employer's facility to offer employees in-person help to apply for benefits
  • information on other programs and services for employers

Contact us

Contact us through the Employer Contact Centre to get more information on programs and services available for you. If you would like information on outreach activities, consult Request more information or a Service Canada Outreach activity on behalf of your organization.

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