Sample attestation of Labour Market Impact Assessment genuineness


To demonstrate active engagement of the business and its ability to fulfill terms of the job offer to the temporary foreign workers (TFW), employers have the option to submit an attestation from a lawyer, a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) or an official (account manager, branch manager or above who has delegated signing authority) from a financial institution that’s either federally or provincially regulated.

The attestation should generally include the following:

Sample attestation

Here is a sample attestation that can be used by the signee.

Alternate format

To the Temporary Foreign Worker Program,

I, the undersigned, occupying the function of [insert position title] at [insert name of company/organization], am providing the attestation for the following business: [insert name and address of business applying for the Labour Market Impact Assessment] under the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) payroll account number [insert 15-character number].

At the request of the above business, I hereby attest that (check one or both),

The above attestation is provided based on my professional experience working with the company and my solid knowledge of their business situation. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the attestation.

Date: [insert date]


[insert signature of signee]

[print name of signee]

[insert title of signee, with professional designation or membership ID, if applicable]

[insert contact phone number]

[insert email address]

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