Sample letter of union support – Two-year employment duration Labour Market Impact Assessments for meat processors pilot: Temporary Foreign Worker Program

From: Employment and Social Development Canada


The employer must have an official representative of the union that will represent the hired Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) complete the template, print it on union letterhead, and sign it. A copy of the signed letter must be submitted with the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) application, if the position being assessed is unionized.

Sample letter of union support

Date: [yyyy-mm-dd]

To the Temporary Foreign Worker Program,

On behalf of [name of union], I am writing to indicate our support for the hiring of temporary foreign workers to fill the positions of [please list job titles to be filled by TFWs] at [name and full address of employer] for an employment duration of two years.

In addition, our union supports this employer’s plan to assist these foreign workers in transitioning to permanent residence status.


[signature of union representative]

[printed name of union representative]

[title of union representative]

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